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My steps and my sleep Great way to keep track of the miles I walk daily and even better to see how long I sleep and what stages I'm in and how many times I actually wake up during the night. Also great as a silent alarm doesn't wake my husband up if I'm getting up earlier with the bracelet vibration. Worth a go!

Beautiful and functional I wanted a tracker to measure my steps, tell me to move, watch my resting heart rate, monitor the quality of my sleep, look feminine, not have any display and have an impressive dashboard that would integrate with My Fitness Pal....too much to ask? Step forward Up 3 in Sand Twist!! Not bad

Love the UP tracker! It keeps me aware of how active (or inactive) I am each day! I love checking my step count and making sure I'm doing enough. I also love the little notes of encouragement I get. They really do help! Highly Recommend.

Easy to use, Helpful Information I'm not a huge fitness fanatic, but I am trying to stay in shape and keep track of my food and physical activity. I couldn't see spending a fortune on a Fitbit or something like that, but the Jawbone with the Up app is a perfect fit for me. I like the motivating challenges, and the simple food scores that it gives me from coordinating with the "My Fitness Pal" app. The sleep tracker is a nice feature as well. Worth it!

UP 2 does not like Galaxy s4mini Not sure if it's the new band or phone but it will not sync at all unless I do it manually. Muito bom!

Have only used for 4 days, but so far I just keep finding benefits! Haven't come across a negative yet. Slim fit. Great charge. Haven't had to charge it yet! For the price, I believe it can't be beat! wow lol

Food logging issues I've been having issues using UPs food logging feature, where it won't allow me to modify the servings of foods. When I tap on the food it says "Network Unavailable - could not load information about_____" Hope this gets fixed soon, as this as rendered the food logging feature pretty much useless for me. Worth a go!

Works for me I love the integration of the mobile app with the functionality of the wristband. The sleep tracking is what I value the most. I also love how long the battery lasts. I can go 10 days without having to worry about the charge. And it gives me ample warning when the battery is low so I can plan when I want to charge it. Pretty good

It tracks everything I do and tells me advice when I'm behind. I can also see the patterns in my sleep. Fabulous!

Amazing graphs showing my sleep patterns in detail. And most of all, the encouragements and suggestions that the app provide to help me stay on track. Very happy with my package. Surprisingly

Great fitness tracker Great for keeping you accountable with your fitness goals. The app is what makes jawbone so great, its a straight forward interface but offers so much in comparison to many fitness tracking apps. Only criticism is the tracker is not water proof (up 3). It does not seem to adjust itself when you have decided to take off the tracker so picks up some unusual readings. Just wow

worth it When I switched the UP24 to the UP2, I had a Galaxy S3. The app hardly ever synced to the band, I had to constantly restart my phone. Now I have the S6, and it works MUCH better, syncing frequently. I love that the app has so many choices of activities to log, that it gives you tips, encouragement. I sync it with the Lose It! app, so I don't have to log food on this app. Disappointed that the Power Nap feature was removed, and I don't like the new way the sleep patterns are displayed. Pretty good

Perfect for my needs. Looks nice. Good battery life, splashproof. I like the sleep tracker and the movement reminder too# Highly Recommend.

Improving This app is great when it works, but occasionally takes an age to Sync sometimes. Works perfectly

Does what I wanted Keeps me aware of moving (or the lack of) - I really love that I can set a "you haven't moved in x minutes" reminder. Fabulous!

Love this application! Since I have started using it I have noticed I move a lot more than I used. UP has highly contributed to my primary goal of leading a more healthy lifestyle. Muito bom!

Love the Jawbone The bracelet is awesome. A bit of a learning curve on the app but so useful once you master it! Well done!!

Suggestion Please add these features : 1.manualy heart rate measure 2. Smart nap by tapping the wrist 3. Measure stress level by heart rate sensore 4. Improve the ui app. Thanks Pretty good

Love Smart Coach It learns about you so all advice is actually personally relevant. I don't know how well it works with non Jawbone products though Not bad

I love all the detailed information provided. Helps push me to be more active. Upgraded to the Up2 and live it. Thanks. Still love this app. So helpful. Brilliant

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