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So far so good After buying and losing fit bits several times, I saw a friend with a beautiful UP2. I'm loving it. There us no display but there is no fear of it dropping off plus it's so very stylish! I have the "oat" colored band. The step count is reliable too. love it

Great style, affordable, easy to use and it works! My Jawbone is the silver Up2 so it's really unobtrusive and matches all my accessories, I actually get compliments from my friends who have more sporty looking bands. It cost £35 from Curry's which was perfect for my budget and the app has been an absolute breeze to use. I love the goals and challenges-they really help motivate you! I got this in September 2016 and by December I've lost nearly a stone and I'd say this is almost entirely due to having this app and band. Cool

Love the product and the app! I love that the app gives your daily encouragement and recommendations on staying healthy. And the Jawbone itself will completely charge in no time, about 15 minutes! Accurate tracking of step count and will also rate your eating habits if you pair with myfitnesspal! Overall this is super useful in monitoring fitness! Good

One big problem The app and band are great but there's one major issue I have. I do a lot of walking with my baby in her push chair and it doesn't register my steps because my arm is quite still. This is a problem I've seen people mention on lots of forums too. Jawbone don't respond to questions you send through their contact us form so I don't know if there's anything I can do. love it

Awesome I love this health tracker! I would call it a fitness tracker but it's so much more. If you use all of the functions of UP it will help with every aspect of your lifestyle. You'll feel motivated and inspired by the tips and challenges too. Just wow

Losing a star Randomly fails to sync sleep for 2-3 days at a time. Reinstalling app on hope it fixes it even though the app was up to date Just wow

Keep improving! Thanks for making the app better and better. Would like to see more features added such as ways to sync the data with other platforms. My info is my info please let me take it where I want. Recommend

Great but really wish steps counted when pushing a stroller or cart like the old one did Gave only 3 stars because my old up band counted steps when walking with stroller or shopping cart and this one does not. Otherwise very happy with the band, app and customer service. My band broke 6 months after I got it and they promptly replaced it. Works perfectly

Decent app But it blatantly ignores the sleep time when I manually update it. What's the point in having the option to adjust it if it won't accept what I correct it to. Superb!

Great app, simple and informative Been using UP bands since beta program in 2011. Has everything needed in a band with out complicating it. Fabulous!

Long term tracking Is there a way to see previous days' data? I would like to see bpm each day to see differences. Is there an extended or more detailed version of this ago on the pc? Just wow

Great but wishing for more I have traded from an up24 to an up2. I have found the improvements to be great however i wish i could specifically track my water intake as a goal and could log onto the app from my computer to log my food better and ideally to be able to save and print a food log to help with weight loss goals. Also wish there were different options with the band . This is the second band that ive had that split. Must have

I love it! Have tried the UA and there was so much I missed about the UP. The encouragement is a huge part of what I missed. Great clues and messages make it more a part of my daily life. Enjoy it!

It's been great but Can there be a sick button for when you have to come off track or a "something" just happened - can't be in routine right now button. Cheers Great!

Love it Love the fitness tips - so many topics covered! Long battery life, tracks my sleep, tracks my water intake, tracks my step count. The only thing I don't like is the food diary but that's because I'm too lazy to do it! Just wow

It makes me move This Up has changed my life. Before I had it I spent my days hardly moving, just retired and not sure what to do. I bought my Up and it makes me move. I compete against myself to improve each day. Perfect

Love it My only complaints are that you need to on WiFi (I don't have data) in order to sync. So when I am out and about I can't check & get an update on my steps. Also, I wish I could still tap the band to start tracking an activity. Because, again, I am not always connected to the internet so I can't manually track in the moment. I either have to remember the time I started & stopped or hope the band picks it up for me (it doesn't always catch it) Marvelous

Love the App ...but I bought this to encourage me move more and I found out it does so much more I love it but unfortunately today I lost my because of the clasp 5 star

Love it when it syncs I like everything about this app except when I have to resync it. I have to resync my band about 40% of the time by force closing the app and turning off/on location and Bluetooth services. That's a bummer! BUT the app info and details are great. Love the smart coach info and "I'm In" challenges. I workout more now and love to exceed my daily step! Surprisingly

Fantastic App This tracker and app have changed my life for the better. I have been more active since getting my Jawbone... I had no idea what a profound effect it would have on my life. Thank you to everyone at Jawbone for this amazing product! 5 star

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