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I purchased the up3 to track my sleep as I take a long time to fall asleep and wake up regularly during the night and then take awhile to get back to sleep again. The up3 is advanced but not enough. It can't handle laying in bed playing on your phone or reading a book. Instead of registering this time as awake, because you're relaxed and heart rate is low, it logs this time as light sleep. Same for trying to get back to sleep. There have been times I know I've been awake and the band/app says I've been asleep. The app is good for tracking food and water intake. However, they are logged as serves rather than ml/g etc. so you have to figure out how many serves of water are in 500ml of water for example. It's 2.1 by the way. Amazing!

Stopped working, the app isn't as good as it was a year ago, it no longer picks up exercise and you have to enter manually. Also you used to be able to share your stats but that also is no longer possible. Maybe time to start looking for a new fitness tracker. Works perfectly

Pretty good. I love the simplicity of the app and its usage as well as the band itself. I've got an up2. Only problem I've noticed, with the last update I thought it said it automatically tracked movements when you workout, it hasn't been. Which sucks. I don't remember the exact time from when to when I work out if I'm just into it. If it weren't for that, 5 stars. Brilliant

The app is good however it doesn't want to pair with my jawbone up3 after I disconnected the Bluetooth. Also there is no heart rate activity on the app which it should. Maybe it's glitch from my side, please let me know. Thanx Enjoy it!

information needs to be compact... much pollution looks like spans in the email box... needs to be organised by category like sleep info.. generic ... steps ... workouts... Personally I'm more interested in sleep and heart track than any other information, alarm is also a nice feature Amazing!

Makes the journey fun I've enjoyed my UP ! Seeing the progress, graphs , goals, and tips. And I still have lots more to still incorporate and understand about what the app can do. UPDATED. I love the soft ware and sleekness of the band but I've had 2 bands crack and break . Both owned only 4 months. Also the clasp was slipping apart all the time and causing the UP to fall off. :( I picked a new design and hopefully this one will work out. I really want it to. Great job

Love this There have been some ups and downs (no pun intended lol)... But works great most of the time and I really appreciate the tips the app gives! I will be so sad if my UP band dies and I can't use this awesome app. I wish jawbone doesn't give up on this activity band. Brilliant

Won't pair with my android FIXED! Have tried everything in all suggestions. Website tells me my firmware is out of date but I have no way to update it. Google says I'm running the latest version...arghhhhhh Must have

Satisfied, but I love the app, it's quite smart and motivating. It has been really useful on my weight loss / getting healthy journey. But sometimes it takes ages and countless force stops to get it to connect / sync, which is especially annoying when I'm about to go to sleep and trying to set the alarm. It would need a 'Connect band' button! The other issue is sleep tracking: it looks like it invents sleep events: once I wasn't even wearing the bracelet and the app still showed my 'sleep cycles'... Muito bom!

Overall I love this app. I have used other apps such as polar and it has no comparison. jawbone is the best but the only complaint I have is the food section using Droid technology to iPhone technology. I have used both with Droid being my current phone technology. The iPhone version is superior to the Droid. I'll scan a product, want to change a serving size and the app would say "information not available" Also, with Droid there is no way possible to look up food from a restaurant. This is a huge issue for me. if Droid could just beware and update their quicker that would be great. Remember I am just a consumer who expects the best when I know jawbone is the best. Amazing!

Fun App I'm enjoying it and feel it gives a general idea although probably not totally accurate. FRUSTRATED I CAN'T CHANGE THE LOCATION ZONE OR UNABLE TO SEE WHERE TO!!!! WOULD LIKE TO KNOW HOW.... In Australia but this seems designed fir UK as that's where the gift came from.... ANNOYING love it

I love my jawbone but I've killed three jawbones by daily use. The customer service has been great about replacing them when they die. I decided to give another brand a try-wasn't happy at all by the big bulky band i had to wear. So I'm back with the latest generation. Good

Best fitness app Overall a very interactive and effective fitness app. I'm using this app with my Moto 360 1st gen. All seems very smooth. Only one glitch I found is if you are walking and talking on phone then the steps counted on the phone and my watch differs even after syncing. Might be some developer bug. Worth a go!

Good data but stop nagging Dont keep telling me to turn on location, my phones location is not relevent nor are any of my contacts, I know where I am and my data is private, getting irritating. Device is good and so is rest of app, just sort out being a nuisance. Pretty good

Great sleep tracking I use the up3 and app are to tell me how well i slept. Works great, mostly. It does have some significant bugs and imperfections in the app that make it clear they didn't put enough time into testing the software. The trends graph doesn't appear to work for most sleep data, just doesn't show any data. Manually adjusting sleep times often throws off the simple math and total sleep time shows much longer than it should (ie 10hrs when the simple math is 7 hours). But overall, very valuable tracker and app. Pretty good

UP3 lack of support I am very pleased with my band but the lack of support is a disappointing situation as the UP3 does everything I want. I cannot sync with my HTC a9 and I need a firmware update which is unattainable. Pity, would be great if these were sorted. 5 star

Nearly a 5! The sleep function is excellent, better than my Fitbit Blaze. However the HR function is disappointing, it doesn't give me data for my workouts hence I also wear a Blaze. I wish I could turn off the smartcoach feature, for a fitness fanatic like myself I find it downright annoying, I don't need it telling me what I've done today (I know) I'm fed up of it banging on about me getting to bed a regular time, when I can't, I'm shift worker, and I certainly don't want it banging on about yoga or meditation! Go well

Brilliant sleep and activity tracker Very concerned about my sleep I have been using UP for a week. I am finding it useful to see a diagnosis of my sleep to learn events/activities that help or detract from good rest. Just wow

Jawbone Up 2 I never realised just how many or even how few sometimes the amount of steps we take in a day. It does get a bit addictive at times especially when you miss your goal one day. The app is very user friendly Flawless

Wish the band lasted longer My band broke in two different places. I love it but im tired of having rubber bands to hold it. I emailed them and told them my problem and never got a response back. At this point along with a useless wristband and the up is not compatible with a lot of apps I asked for a fitbit for Xmas. If I would have gotten a response back instead of being ignored I would have never asked for a fit bit Worth it!

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