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As of today, 2/22/17 this app started closing on me unexpectedly. Any suggestions on what I can do? It had been working great. I love tracking what I eat. Please help. Brilliant

I have one problem and that is that it keeps track of every step I do in real time, but giving me my heart beat per minute while walking, I have to wait more than one hour before it starts showing a more recent beat. A delay of one hour seems to be normal. This cannot be correct. Do I miss something? Works great

Love it Fab app I love how interactive it is and learns from you're steps and eating logs. Bracelet is sleek and simple. Easy to charge. Far better than a fitbit!! X Muito bom!

I love this app! But I'd love it even more if I could have a widget on my screen that tells me where I am, like the Google fit does. Next update? Awesome

I love this app and the feedback it gives you. It is very easy to use and the scan feature works for most foods if you choose to input your food. The step count appears to be very accurate and I like the added feature of periodically checking my resting heart rate. I only wish you could set and track your own goals instead of the app sporadically deciding to offer you the choice to track a goal briefly. Great job

This app would be much more powerful if I could link it to the Clue app and integrate food, mood, hormonal cycle, etc. Why not offer that Jawbone? Apart from that I should say it's a pretty sweet app.i love the smart coach function. It takes a bit of time to sync, but duels are super fun and the interface is very easy to use. Cool

I really like the jawbone trackers and the app is great, but since the last OS update on my Samsung S7, there seems to be sync issues between the phone and tracker; very hit-and-miss as to what info I get. Muito bom!

Just downloaded and synced the app to my UP3. It's tricky to update serving sizes in the food log in the app. Sleep tracking doesn't always track my awake state if I wake up and stay in bed before falling asleep again. It was tricky to pair the band to the app for the first time, but seems to be working smoothly now. wow lol

I've been searching for a watch face that syncs with UP and show my steps on the watch face but I can't find any. All the customizable watch faces use Google Fit data and I cant find any watch face that works with UP. It would be a great feature if watch faces could use UP data for counting steps. Surprisingly

I love Jawbone UP. I think the visual display is great. The only gripe I have is that it takes ages to sync. I want it to sync as soon as I open the app but it never does. I keep having to open and close a few times to get it to sync. It drives me nuts. Fabulous!

Love the app.. it has the best interface and UP2 does all the tracking perfectly. Smart Coach is fun and helpful. It has almost all the features needed to be perfect. I would like it even more if it could create a meal plan based on your usual cuisine. I'm an Indian and i prefer to eat healthy Indian food everyday. I don't wanna download another app for this as having two apps means logging everything twice which i wouldn't do. Please look into this. Thanks! Works great

Revise to previous review. Looks like jawbone has finally gone. On my 4th band in 2 years and now the app has stopped working. Such a shame as so much better than the fitbit as easy to compete with others. O well i wonder what i will get... June 16 review I first got an up24 over a year ago and loved it. But it died after 6 months and got an up3 for Christmas. Smart coach is the best app out there but does make you laugh sometimes. Have had so many issues with bands but jawbone support is good. Fantastic

It doesn't sync steps and sleep data properly. Sometimes by a large amount. A fix would be appreciated as I would rather not have to go back to google fit Great!

Band spends all day trying to sync, draining the battery on both the band and phone. Seems to be successful about once a day. Jawbone agreed to send me a new band. We'll see how it goes then. 2 stars is generous as I expect more of this in 2016. Pretty good

OK, so when it works it's great, but there are definitely some conflict issues - previously I had pairing issues and determined it must have been another app that was causing the problem. Only way to solve it was to systematically go through deleting apps until I could pair the band again (Colour switcher was the culprit!). Not exactly a great solution though... needs a bug fix for conflicts. Superb!

Good app for tracking workouts and sleep but not so much for caloric intake. The controls to set how much of a food are unwieldy and inaccurate at best. Don't use if you want all your info in one place. Flawless

App is very slow and glitchy, continually scrolls you to the fist card when you try to read. The device is fairly limited, the smart alarm doesn't work, it usually just goes off at the start of the window. Makes no use of notifications or the LEDs and button on the device. Worth it!

Works like a charm and looks great, I love that the up to doesn't look like a bulky Fitness tracker. It accurately tracks my steps and my sleep. I sleep a lot less apparently than I thought I did! Brilliant

It's simple, easy to understand, and more importantly helps you understand your body. Sleeping patterns, food intake, and exersize regime can be monitored with ease and the coach quotes help you to improve yourself and your wellbeing. Love it. Not bad

My main reason for buying UP2 was to track runs without taking my phone everywhere. Unfortunately distances are inaccurate and there's no calibration option. If you simply added the ability to amend distance on work outs this would be appreciated Go well

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