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Great app, love the insights. Only reason I gave 4* is that sometimes the band disconnects and doesn't always sync. Sleep tracking is the most accurate of any device I've had Surprisingly

Sometimes I find myself charging around my living room at 11:59 desperately trying to get that buzz for the day finishes… Great stuff… Marvelous

Sometimes reluctant to find and sync with UP2, and re-pairing can be a pain. "Light sleep" really just means you haven't moved .... you may well be wide awake. I'm annoyed that it no longer transfers data to My Fineness Pal. That was a very useful feature. Perfect

I've been using Up for over 2 yrs. The tracking of various needful info and clear displays won me over. Highly Recommend.

I love my UP! The resting heart rate and passive heart rate information is perfect for me. The UP coaches me daily with little tips and reminders. I have used the UP3's for a year and a half with this app. Faithful UP user! Cool

I like the app but I need a new band and they are not readily available any more. Perfect!

App works well, thought sometimes slow to update. Seems to require network connection. Must have

Brilliant way of tracking progress. Keeps me more aware of ' what I'm not achieving' Not bad

Great app. Syncs easily. Love the smart coach, give great info and encouragement. Very nice and easy to read sleep tracking. Supper helpful app. Superb!

I am very very pleased with the progress I am making with the help of the up. I find the feed back good thank you Fantastic

Good for monitoring sleep patterns but do have issues with synchronising with band. Works perfectly

Great and affordable tracker but no support and tracker strap always falls of and breaks. Great job

the band is small doesn't feel the need to flash or duplicate my watch. I am not a high performance person. the band keeps track of how I'm moved throughout the day and how I've slept so I can make adjustments. I pair it with 'Myfitnesspal'. of you want a tracker that doesn't look like a computer strapped to your wrist this is a good choice. Previously support was by phone, instantaneous and great. now it is only by email. good but not as great, hence resting of 4 instead of 5. wow lol

I like the features of the app but it doesn't sync with MyFitnessPal properly so I don't get the rating of the food I eat. It only worked a few days when I first synced and never again after. Highly Recommend.

Pretty good. I love the simplicity of the app and its usage as well as the band itself. I've got an up3. Only problem I've noticed, with the last update I thought it said it automatically tracked movements when you workout, it hasn't been. Which sucks. I don't remember the exact time from when to when I work out if I'm just into it. If it weren't for that, 5 stars. Fantastic

The orange steps barchart is visually shifted upwards, ruining the UI. The mood button along whatever rightsize icon has vanished. No way to quickly cycle through sleep or step graphs to compare days without trawling down through a mass of entries. Otherwise has great potential. Pretty good

I lLOVE all the personal coaching I get from my UP 3 based on my activity data *but* I can no longer handle the huge drain on my phone's battery. Also, the overuse of RAM in the background. I hate to do it, but I'm uninstalling and will check back to see if there's a firmware update in the future but this time addressing the overconsumption of resources. I use an HTC M8 ONE at the time of writing. Under two years old. Do I have to buy new phone every year now to get the software not to eat my phone? Perfect!

I love this! It helps if your trying to lose weight. I just wish it told you your heart rate whenever you want it, not just your resting heart rate. It would help with work outs. I love how it tracks your steps and sleep too. Its amazing how accurate it is. Also need a way to add other people. I don't have anyone that I know use this. I would love to be able to connect and duel with other people. Works great

I loved this app and my Up until recently. I don't know if it was an update or what but now I can't get it to sync. Tried everything their website said and haven't gotten more than a partial sync in a week. Tried to email customer support and haven't heard anything back. Very sad. Go well

I've been using the UP3 band and app for 2 months. Some difficulties, but for the most part it suits my needs. Sleep tracking is pretty close for nighttime sleeping. It even picks up my naps, but the nap times are way off. I don't take many of those, so no big deal there. Never had a problem with the band falling off and I do some vigorous workouts. Never fallen off while I sleep. I can even tie the tracker to my Lose It app. It doesn't connect to my phone very well, so I keep it connected to my tablet. Connects and syncs faster on my tablet. Only gripe is the app doesn't have landscape mode. Perfect!

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