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I like UP and used to sync with my fitness Pal but is not comparable any more and really don't like adding my food diary on up too complicated. MY FITNESS PAL as a greater variety of food and is more manageable in the UK scanning food on up does not always work Recommend

Great app for tracking steps and sleep pattern. I wish it would track or dectect exercise all the time though, have to manually enter. Worth it!

I love the stats on sleep and physical activity that it gives. The sleep tracker helped me to see that I am actually getting more sleep than I thought and I find it to be quite accurate on the times if I wake up during the night. It is a very awesome app! Fantastic

The app is great but the band sucks. I'm on my 3rd this year, they all break. Bad design & material Perfect!

It's a good app and device, but had a few problems with both. I guess rating it is pointless as Jawbone doesn't make these anymore, but even with its issues, I still really enjoy it. Recommend

Great app. Really motivates you to be and stay healthy. But does it in a fun way that doesn't feel forced. Good

I love UP its not a watch, I have one of those. Its not huge, good for wearing at work. It has a great app with lots of features. My UP2 strap eventually broke so I've glued it to a latex wristband and it's still working fine. Not had any sync issues with my android phone for months. I'll continue to use UP as long as I can. Thanks guys. Recommend

The band itself is a pain in the butt. And I have had it for just over a year and the non replaceable battery is only lasting a few days max now. The app has changed a bit too. Not necessarily in a good way. When I replace, not sure I'll be going the Jawbone route unless they have miracle replacement. Perfect!

I d ok love my Jawbone UP2, but sometimes the app is sluggish. I love that it allows me to provide detailed info about my workout. Surprisingly

Great app for tracking steps, sleep and activities. I does exactly what it claims and also gives you motivational snippets to achieve your weight and activity goals. Highly recommend it to some of the other more well known tracker apps like Garmin and Fitbit. Great!

Slightly awkward to do up, good monitoring of sleep patterns and steps, haven't tried recording food intake. Has made me more aware of need to move more. Well done!!

Good app. Fairly simple to use and good for the casual tracker like me. Would rate it higher but Android users do not have the water counter which means I tend to use Samsung heath now more than UP. Works great

I like it. I find it hard to make corrections on nutritional entries. Recognition of Canadian bar codes limited. Nonetheless experiencing desired weight loss Amazing!

It's too slow to sync. Too slow to open. Requires internet to sync for whatever reason. And I suspect all the periodic synching significantly continues to battery drain. Brilliant

Omg....keeps you on your toes... fussing but at the same trying to rise to the challenge. This was the jump start i needed. Thanks UP Cool

Good enough but frequently fails to track sleep, needs fairly frequent rebooting and battery life isn't nearly as good as UP24 Just wow

It is good to track steps, but it seems that u need to open the apps at the beginning of the day, then it will record Must have

Very motivating app and great all-in-one tracker, especially when paired with a wristband tracker (UP3). Only 4 stars because food tracking can be cumbersome and tech support seems to focus on tracking devices. (While the FAQ is great and thorough, I'm not sure whether contacting support about further issues with the app is appreciated - "UP App" is a subcategory of the tracking devices on the contact form, and I got a kinda canned response to a bug report). Recommend

It was good while it lasted! Since the product is no longer sold or serviced in Canada, that I have found, once to have issues you are done. I have had three units and they all stopped working after a year of use. Good

I really like this fitness tracker. It seems to be more accurate than the one on my other wrist which I use mainly as a watch. The only thing is the strap keeps breaking but gorilla glue seems to fix it Muito bom!

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