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Been using UP bands since 2013 with very few issues. Nice to see the app is syncing again! And I don't think I lost any data while it was down. Thanks to whoever fixed the app!!! Nice to know someone is still out there for us! Recommend

This app provides insight into sleep patterns and analyzes remj and deep sleep it also has encouraging messages...recently the app has stopped syncing my steps like many others have reported..fixed and I didn't loose any steps... Worth it!

The sleep tracking and Smart Coach makes it stand out. Plus it works with MyFitnessPal. I tried one of the popular trackers and it was annoying as heck! Up looks better and is fun to use. Enjoy it!

I think this is an awesome app, but since yesterday my steps are not tracking and nether is heart rate, sleep is working, this started yesterday for some strange reason, I've uninstalled and reinstalled twice, any ideas? Recommend

My up app was working just fine on the 25th as with everyone else on here. Yesterday just quit co nting steps and heart rate. Today it only recorded steps till about 11 and not all steps (says i have only done 653 steps wrong) and no heart rate. It's such a pain I have re-sync band twice and uninstalled and reinstalled app a few times and still nothing. Please fix problems!! Fantastic

Like others, I haven't been able to get my step count or sleep tracking. It says it is syncing, then crunching the numbers but no data is shown. Very frustrating Muito bom!

UP is great when it works. Just now, having trouble with my STEPS not recording. Frustrating ... you do tend to rely on it when the data is there. Omg

App has been working fine for ages but since yesterday it no longer tracks steps. I have to manually enter sleep and my heart rate is not tracked. I have tried to reset band and uninstall and reinstall the app but nothing has worked. Jawbone need to fix this ASAP. Marvelous

Recently it's not syncing data correctly from my huawei smart app not syncing the steps I do, please assist urgently not tracking steps we are losing vital steps to our rewards with vitality, I think if you guys are linked with them we will complain directly there as well this needs to be sorted out ASAP I thought I was going mad Worth a go!

A few reviews have pointed out that step counts have not been displaying correctly since October 25. The last update to your app was September 25. Coincidence? I'm experiencing the same issue. My Up band is working fine. Sleep will display if you manually add sleep / awake times. The app will show your recent heart rate, but no heart rate or step count data are stored by the app or the servers. Only sleep data is stored. I'm using an UP3 with Android app on an HTC 10 phone running Android 7.0 (Sept security patch). Please fix this! Well done!!

Between this and the Misfit, I prefer it greatly. The food tracking could be better worded/categorized and updated, but the activity and sleep tracking is great. I'm not sure how accurate the heart rate monitor is, but the trends on my graphs DO make sense. Perfect

This app in connection with the Up 3 band is the absolute best for getting the most restful sleep of your life! It has a smart alarm the quietly vibrates you awake (so it won't wake up your partner) in the lightest part of your sleep cycle, so you always wake up feeling energized! I have used the apps sleep information to figure out how much of a difference blue light blocking glasses and a sleep mask make for me as well as how cool my room needs to be for my best sleep ever. I also love the heathy fitness reminders and challenging friends to make sure we hit 10k steps a day. Thanks Jawbone! Worth it!

Lately there's some bug with the synchronizing my steps :( I need to restart my app few times to synchronize them all. Marvelous

Worked perfect up to today. Syncs with up3,but will not display the readings in the app. Good

The tracker works great, but the customer service sucks! I can't get thru to anyone. I have an UP3 that is over a year old, and I want to replace. I bought one from Amazon, that wouldn't work. I tried to email Jawbone to get it addressed, with no response. But the one I bought earlier is still working. Superb!

LOVE the sleep and passive heart rate tracking! The "Coach" is very encouraging and gives great advice and links. I was shocked at how extensive the food list (for tracking) was and the barcode scan function is so convenient! Worth it!

I like this app, in general, but it is slow to open. I like the graphics, and the Smart coach helpful tips...but the best part...when you reach or surpass a goal, it let's you know that you are awesome! Works perfectly

The app works pretty good. Customer service on the actual wristband is not near as good as it used to be . Just nursing it along until I find a different tracker. Just wow

The app is ok, would be helpful to request a heart rate check at any time, not just when it decides to. The band itself is very frustrating, almost lost it the first day I had it. Constantly came off.until I used pliers to adjust the closure, now it only comes off occasionally. 5 star

I have used many fitness app such as fitbit, Microsoft health, Google fit, Nokia fitness app, Samsung health but nothing could really better this UP app. It is sad to know that jawbone closed its fitness band but UP3 band is still advanced for sleep analysis. The UP app gives insight based on our activity. It will gives motivational words, ask us to take water if resting heart rate is down, keeps us informed about drawback in the exercise we do and provides alternative. This is definitely a milestone app that was underrated. It uses very good machine learning.. Great job

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