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Needs a lot of polishing Overall useful app but once you start using you will find issues all over the place. Recently the button to add workouts seems to disappear for no reason. Looking at trends I found the bar size did not match the info say 10m was bigger than 40m, I later found that simply the time in trend was wrong compares to the daily info. And don't even get me started with bugs like the app being unresponsive or the lack of granularity in the access and entering information. Works great

Helping me a treat! Im so pleased with my UP band. It helps keep me on track and focused for my weight loss journey... Recommend

Pretty good but not 100% Everything was going good! I was logging in my food and putting in the proper nutrition facts, it logged my sleeping patterns well, logged in a work out...but now it won't allow me to log in my meals. I tried switching to another device thinking that would fix the issue but it records the calories but completely erases the other nutrition facts on both of my devices...hopefully this problem can be fixed so for now my rating is a 4 which is still pretty good! Good

PERFECT How could anyone not give this 5 stars? It has been life changing for me. I've lost weight and healthier. I'm pushing to get rid of diabetes and this is my biggest tool to help. Smart coach is great, like a personal trainer with me all day. Go well

UP3 Great tracker for sleep - I would like it to share data with the Samsung S Health app but don't see it as a partner app. Enjoy it!

Good but not perfect It does many things right; tracking sleep and footsteps. But it still has no easy way of inputting water without a challenge. Fantastic

Close enough to perfect for me! Great faison design. Very comfortable to wear. Easy to read the data on my mobile devices. Simple procedure to enter food data. The only thing to make it better would be to access more detailed data reports. Must have

The food tracker could be better I often forget to log what I eat, and when I do it marks everything at the time I logged it in. There should be an option to put what time we ate what food. Just wow

Inspirational The UP3 is my second one. I first had the original UP band color turquoise/blue. You had to plug it into your device of choice to get readings. It helped me push myself to exercise and eat better. Due to health conditions I stopped for over a year and then 3 months ago picked up my 'UP' and started using it again. The lure of a newer one though was too much and I now have my 'UP3' which is so much more convenient and with the 'HeartBeat' helpful to the condition that lead to me stopping the first time. Superb!

Great App Helps keep control of what you are trying to do. Its user friendly and very informative. Well done!!

Helpful The app is useful to me, providing good insights in addition to presenting the Up3 data in a coherent form. Works perfectly

Decent app but... Could do with some country specific food brands adding, most are US. BUT I simply cannot enter any food manually. Marvelous

Best app Love it so far....if you ignore some minor glitch and whatnots. Also just waiting on them to make use of the other hardware to band has to offer like temperature and hydration check 5 star

Very useful however I'm not sure the steps recorded for the day is quite accurate..most time I wake up and says iv already taken eg 25 steps..haven't even gotten out bed..otherwise rest is gr8 Highly Recommend.

Great tool for motivating movement. I love my Up band and tracking my sleep and steps. While there are some glitches from time to time and not tracking steps while pushing a shopping cart, I still really enjoy the device. Fabulous!

Up is a great ap I really like the app. It provides really good sleep diagnosis. I don't slept well due to some health issues. Sometimes it doesn't record the beginning of sleep very well. I have to go in & revise the start of my sleep cause it is several short "sleep/wake" times before I actually stay asleep for the evening.

Up app not cooperating with LG G3 Suddenly the app is not cooperating with my G3. I'm lucky if I can get it to sync 2 times a day. It was fine in the past, but for some reason one of these past updates has caused complications. I've uninstalled, rebooted, and reinstalled, I've even gotten a replacement band. My firmware update took 24 hours then failed. When I called in they told me it was a known problem with the LG G3 and I should use another device. I ended up using an iPod which updated the band inside 10 minutes. Fix the issue!

Great App, Outstanding Product Data and graphs on the app are great. Something you can work on is the actual syncing feature between the app and the device - it's extremely choppy, and I have to keep pulling the screen down (trying to refresh the app) until it starts syncing once more.

Great fitness boost The app is great, simple to use and is a fantastic way of giving you a push to achieve your exercise goals. The sync is quite slow unless you keep it connected all day via Bluetooth but the battery on my phone is too useless for that! Overall very pleased with this.

Good app. Cool, easy to use, great tips, connects well with my fitness pal and customizable. The food rating thing is flawed, should take in account good fats, protein, iron, potassium and sodium.

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