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Good Keep up the good work overall. Needs slight work on Android. The flip cards refresh by themselves for example. So I'm on the second or third card trying to read, the app refreshes and goes back to the first. Enjoy it!

Great tracker! I feel the UP is accurate. I love using the alarm, it vibrates my wrist to wake me up, instead of an annoying noise. I occasionally have issues with the App. It sometimes freezes and won't let me scroll down. Fabulous!

A good app I like the app, it's user friendly and has some good tips, ideas and advice. For me it falls down in two areas 1. I cannot challenge my husband who has a fitbit (this is enough to make me regret getting this brand) 2. The scrolling up and down on the main page keeps glitching. It seems to be confused by the addition of new information and this affects the scrolling which is, unfortunately, a large part of the app usage. Awesome

Minor annoyances It is highly informative and keeps me on track. I love how the alarm clock works, a vibration when you're in light sleep. It needs a feature to track daily water intake a part from food. While I'm trying to read the daily tips, it syncs and constantly scrolls down, super annoying. Surprisingly

Connection to partner apps now fixed but error msg 5 days in a row For me, it's all working well and I'm very pleased with it. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend and CS have been there the couple of times I've needed them. Flawless

App is inconsistent. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it syncs immediately, sometimes it takes hours. Sometimes it tracks your steps, sometimes it stops in the middle of a workout and doesn't track anything (like right now - it's 6 hours behind and missing half a workout and many steps since). It's very frustrating if I can't tell my fitness level from my fitness tracker because the app doesn't work. Then again, sometimes it does. Brilliant

Very good device but I doubt the authenticity of its sleep records. My previous one was accurate but my current one,I think,isn't. Not bad

Love it but... Since the last Update my UP3 won't detect my sleep by itself anymore. I always have to type what time I went to bed and what time I woke up. It saves my sleeprythm but doesn't count it as sleep unless I tell the app that I went to bed und woke up at a specific time...:( Pretty good

Solid but room for improvement First week with the app. Does what it says well. Biggest complaint is it doesn't track when I wake at night very accurately. I wake up and look at my phone but it doesn't see that as awake. Hello! I'm using my phone! How can that not register? Lol. Solid tracker and app. Does what I need... Mostly Perfect!

Good but could be better I like the info that the app provides but it's slow to update steps and I don't feel that all my steps are being tracked wow lol

Incredible, even without a Jawbone I ordered the UP3 and immediately installed the app to get familiar with it. I linked Myfitnesspal and some other apps. The next morning I had a bunch of information and recommendations for that day, which were all very useful. It's great to see metrics and goals that aren't available in separate apps. After using this for a few more weeks I really do love the smart coach suggestions and reasons why to make changes to my life. The best fitness platform that gives advice and just showing facts. Worth a go!

Up3 band issue (falls off) solved with free locking clip (available for free from Jawbone) - but latest app update has broken the distance measurement. Steps, sleep etc all work fine but distance remains 0.00. Please fix, distance is really important to me ! Perfect

Good for my needs, but... I love having this Jawbone, especially for sleep tracking because I work weird hours and it's nice to keep up with my rest. Performance wise, it's great, my only issue lies in the food tracking system. Either the data base is not that diverse, like I had hoped it would be, or there is entirely too much error on the food scan ability. I'm happy with my Jawbone. Love the design. And I have definitely recommended it to those around me. Great job

Great little tracker I wish it was waterproof and would sync with my phone to give me a jolt when my phone was ringing. But I enjoy tracking my calories, steps and looking at my sleep pattern. It's made me more aware of how badly I neglected my body over the years. I'm happy to say I'm doing better now. love it

Pretty Awesome, the iPhone version is slightly better The app is great but the iPhone version shows the food scores on the list of foods you can select where the android version doesn't. Also the iOS version shows you a bar graph of your caloric intake and how many you've burned for the day. However these are minor issues. It is still a very solid and amazing app just missing a few things from the iOS version which would be nice to see here. No doubt I'm definitely going to continue using this. Omg

Love UP! I love UP and it helps to motivate me by keeping track of how many more steps I need to take to meet my goal each day. I have walked so much more since starting UP. However, I do feel that there should be a more interactive user menu. It challenged me to drink 8 glasses of water each day I didn't meet the challenge and the challenge disappeared. I wish I could pick my challenges instead of waiting for the app to suggest it. Another annoyance is that it doesn't always sync my steps. Worth it!

I love the gentle reminders for when I lapse and the tips it serves as a good reminder that I need to keep moving and today is a new day if I fail, also love the health tips and links to information, downside of app it seems to drain battery, the food diary is not so user friendly, I would love to use this more but too time consuming at the moment also, last week lost connection and deleted app and then tried to reinstall but received message app not suitable for my phone model HTC when it had been perfect Muito bom!

Nutritional database and information sucks I won't leave a super long review, overall I love the app with one exception: The food database and nutritional information sucks. It tries to tell me that eggs and grapefruit (what I eat almost every morning) is unhealthy, that one cup of brown rice has almost 700 calories in it (it's actually 200), and its really hard to find certain foods (I couldn't find strawberries...there's only options for strawberry flavored things???) so other than the crappy outdated nutritional info and database I love this app. Amazing!

Great if you are seriously wanting an all round tracker Started using UP two years ago and UPgraded to the UP3 at Christmas time. First band the catch became dodgy so John Lewis did straight swap for another band. The new one had more features. Strange but great for me. The worst feature is the catch/clasp as I often find my band loose or ready to fall off my arm. Hopefully they find a better more secure fix in future. Even with the poor clasp I've still rated 5 star for the lots of good stuff I get from using the band. Sleep tracking is my favourite. Great!

Good but could be better I was really excited after going through my third UP24 (two of the three broke in the exact same place back from the push button) to move up to the 3. Obviously the clasp is an issue and everything else is great from a software perspective (I like how the data is represented). If it had real-time heart rate that would help my training better but I do like the aspect of resting and passive heart rate. Jawbone is gimmicky like android vs apple ios. I chose android for similar reasons that I choose Jawbone. Cool

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