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Up review I love this app! It does a great job tracking my food,steps, and sleep pattern. I really like the health tips they give as well. Only downside I wish I knew other up people to do challenges with. I've had mine then for about 2 months now and I'm really happy. Definitely purchase up and utilize this app! Five stars across the board. I also like they have various options to select for your workout to count how much calories you have burned. I wish they had a mixxedfitt one to select when i workout. Must have

Great, but a little buggy Everything about the app is great. I love the smart coach, the easy-to-use functions, the charts and graphs that are provided to review's all great. My only complaint is a bug with entering in food. I have already emailed customer support and they are working with me, and I will edit my rating if we can get it resolved. wow lol

Can't complain Works well, doesn't break down when I switch off Bluetooth, hasn't crashed yet - so far so good!!! Good work guys! I miss a couple of things though: first of all, if possible, improve integration between Myfitnesspal so it's not just sends overall calories and nutrition but rather a dish/snack name, and allow Myfitnesspal to read meals I log through Up. The second big thing I'd like to see in the future is blood pressure data. I'm happy to measure it and log manually as long as it is all in one plac Perfect

Does just what I had hoped it would! I love the sleep tracker function and the steps seem to equate to the gps tracker I also use! The app functions properly 90% of the time and gives good data! The only thing I would upgrade would be for a device that would also track other types of training such as biking or swimming. Surprisingly

Excellent I love it Helping to diet and get better sleep. Had to email customer services as my band snapped, replacement sentvin 48 hours, superior to fitbit and more accurate. Not reliable up3 failed for third time! Awaiting response from support Well done!!

Good Great to see breakdown of sleep and resting heart rate. Seeing trends is fairly useful. Any issues have been with UP3 unit and not app. The UP 3 clasp is not good and sometimes my sleep just doesn't track at all for no apparent reason. Overall I am happy with app and unit. Superb!

Good stats, not all tips helpful The stats the app tracks are realty helpful. It has made me much more aware of my daily routine and ways to improve it. However, it'll suggest things like consistent wake ups times between the week and weekend. As someone who gets up at 6am or earlier during the week, that is advice I'm going to ignore. But other than occasional advice that is not applicable, it does what it says it is going to do. Great!

Life changing Hey...I know that maybe sounds like hype but it really has been a game changer for me. Try tracks sleep pretty accurately. Steps & activities are tracked as well as helping you keep an eye on your basic heart health all really easily accessed from the app. One thing is can work with friends and motivate each other to attain personal goals. Plus you can connect loads of other apps to this one. I connect 'myfitnesspal' seamlessly .TRY THIS....if you dont like it then it's not the world. Works great

Please add Sync button (as auto sync is not reliable) Keeps asking to turn GPS to sync, a bit annoying as I'm using jawbone up3 only for sleep tracking and heart rate. I would love to have Body Temperature track. Awesome

Good app, nice revisions The app is easy to use, contains plenty of useful tips to help gain sleep, curb meals, even daily steps. One problems I've encountered is the sleep tracking, it may ask you to verify when you fell asleep and woke up. Beyond that a wonderful app and tracker! Fantastic

Happy I'm glad I chose the brand that I did. The feature I mainly use is the sleep tracker. I've managed to turn my sleep schedule around because I had the information to be more mindful of what days I would usually lose sleep, or when my sleep was getting out of whack. Other features I enjoy is how the the app will give you small suggestions, recipe ideas and different coaching tips throughout the day. Lastly, the top reason I bought my UP band is because I loved the sleek design. Great job

Getting used to it!! Have it for a few months now paired with my Up2. Happy with how it works, only thing is that when you log a walk it doesn't seem to allow you to enter distance, only time. That makes lose some accuracy in step count. Apart from that, very good!! Recommend

Great app but useless device Five stars are reserved for when Jawbone adds hydration. EDIT: The UP3 device works well, but the poor poor quality band renders it useless. I'm on my third one in less than 6 months and the band has broken apart in 3 different places. Don't buy the UP3. Go well

Update ruined it Shame, I have been very happy with my band but after the latest update it hasn't synced properly. Very frustrating. I'm about to give up. If I can't sync it's pointless to have it. Marvelous

Thank you! Prettier than other trackers. Works well. I used a treadmill to verify accuracy. Food is a bit cumbersome to add sometimes. I feel like I have to guess sometimes, especially when dining out. Love that sleep is automatic, and that it notices activity and prompts to record the workout. Good

Good but some flaws Having moved over from fitbit, much prefer this app as so much more engaging. I do wish developers would fix how unbelievably sensitive the touch sliders are for altering food levels. On some of them you go from 1 serving to 5 servings in the tiniest movement so pretty unusable in reality love it

Very useful app especially for sleep tracking Love my Jawbone. It really excels at sleep tracking and giving you lots of information about it especially if you own the UP3. If you don't care too much about it or even prefer sleeping without a tracker at night then there are probably equally good or better apps and infrastructures for you out there. I personally think it's fantastic for what I am looking for. Highly Recommend.

Pretty good All works very well, only issue in my eyes is that it does not pick up your heart rate alot of the time and there are massive gaps inbetween taking ur pulse Not bad

Jawbone claims to improve the band over time. I've had the band for 8 months.The rubber material is just not durable and has broken in several places. I have super glued it back together but am disappointed that basic features like the real time tracking of heart rate and the plethora of benefits associated to the use of bioimpedance sensors never came into use during my time of use. However it still remains the best sleep tracking band. Cool

Heart rate not accurate. I bought it for sleep tracking, and it does that fairly well, although it has noted some sleep times when I wasn't sleeping. I have noticed that the passive heartrate noted are not accurate, and can be off any where from 10 to 30 beats off. Just wow

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