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Works good for me. Just You have to have a really large Samsung logo or galaxy logo (in my case, displayed on 5.7" A8 screen), and does NOT work with the older style Samsung galaxy logo found on galaxy s5 and earlier 5 star

It great the interface is nice, and the AR is really cool, a widget for the count down timer would be awesome, but other than that it's really great! Brilliant

So excited. But i hope you add something small to this app. A widget timer to the home screen for the countdown. It'll nice if you add it. Much love <3 Must have

i've registered on the site but still i did not get any invitation code to confirm. How can i get the invitation code???????? Worth a go!

You know Everything First & directly Here you Find The link Not bad

For anyone complaining about the invite code that's only if you're attending the physical location. Brilliant

I dunno yet, but it is Samsung, so it SHOULD BE PRETTY DAMNED GOOD, I GUESS... although I AM putting this on an S7 Edge with the Nougat 7.0 update from Sprint. So let's see exactly what it will do... Believe me... I WILL GET BACK TO YOU ON HOW THIS DAMNED THING WORKS OUT... I PRAY GOD THAT IT WORKS OUT WELL, FOR SAMSUNG'S SAKE... HISTORICALLY, THEY'VE BEEN KNOWN FOR DEVELOPING GREAT SOFTWARE AND APPS... SO HERE WE GO!!! Marvelous

Samsung is the top Android phone manufacturer. Making an app to showcase the new phones and features is amazing. love it

the app looks fine someone asked about invite code the prerequisite for it was to have an S7 Edge with a defective broken screen. I'm only guessing because if you signed up for the unboxing 3-29-17 as far as I can tell was to get S7 Edge users to give up their right to join the pending class action deceptive advertisement Must have

The app's UI is very good and satisfying, the only problem is that invite code...why don't u keep it open for 'limited'public who own s7/s7 edge or any other latest Samsung phone by randomly choosing them or by some sort of competition Perfect!

Based on logistics, Samsung should take my money if this S8 has better battery than S7, is time they recognize the role of good battery, not just sleek designs... Works great

I am literally in love with the S8.Can wait for it.Just one day left for the beast to be unleashed. App is good.Good Ui Has videos and hopefully would live stream the event. wow lol

Based on the leaks, I'm not impressed. Let's see what happens with the official release. Great job

Don't bother: the event is a Press conference, if you aren't Press you probably won't get a code. If you want to watch it go to your favorite tech news site and watch their live stream. Perfect

invitation code is not required to see video live, its available for everyone... Superb!

Great look for the app. Clean and straightforward. Can't wait to see what's to come from Sammy. Good

I'm ready..been coasting with this s7 edge after the Note 7 was taken back but it's time to be elite again Worth a go!

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