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I just got back into doing these perk apps. The points and coins I earned from the last time I lost. It could be because it's been 2 years since I was last on though. I never really gave it a chance to earn anything. Will give an update when I start earning. Pretty good

No perk points. No content. Showing of gift card unlocks not working anymore. Most of the time before when I could see it, the same people were always winning. Now app doesnt work Worth a go!

Works well, isn't very intrusive. No video ads. Only adds an extra second to unlocking your phone. The notifications lie though. Keeps telling me.. "only 1,000 more unlocks for a $25 gift card", yeah right, pretty sure I hit 1,000 a week ago already. love it

Addictive I love it.... I haven't set my phone down yet using all the perks applications.... Perfect!

Seams the points have been cut back big time.takes to long .have deleted all perks but this one so far.waiting to see if it gets better. 5 star

This app is great! I've only had it a few hours and already I'm raking in the dough. Worth a go!


I would give 5 stars but every offer I try leads to some survey that never links up to the offer I clicked but I would like to thank you all for making sure my phone number goes to scammers from some of the surveys I've done Flawless

I like it so far. I just started it, so only time will tell. I'll update my review once I've been doing it for a while. Not bad

So far so good, get free money , have opportunities to earn extra points love it Thanks for the app Perfect!

I love the chance of being able to win things on top of getting points and tokens for the scratch game 5 star

The app is cool it has variety of things you can do so for some one who gets bored quick that's good but the point rewards are higj and it takes more time to build up so for me the time spent doesn't equal to the little payout rewards Brilliant

I finished almost a whole survey and the last question had an question I couldn't answer, so I wasn't able to finish the survey and I wasted about 10 minutes Works great

Absolutely user friendly, a lot of fun, and having it as a lock screen is a great reminder to participate! Highly Recommend.

It tells you you get all this points that never show up. And it doesn't lock half the time. Works great

Goes great with perk pop quiz! It won't mess up your phone. I'm earning lots on offers! Check it out! Perfect

Awesome app. I found a way to get help financially and make points just for trying it. This is the best app ever Omg

Stopped giving me points whenever I unlock my phone about two weeks ago. I only get tokens. Kind of takes the fun out of unlocking the phone using this app. 5 star

Simply lpve this! Just wish other perk apps work perfectly. Other than that it's great! Works great

This app is awesome. I would definitely recommend it to anyone since we all unlock our phone through out the day anyway Recommend

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