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Not My favorite game anymore. They purposely made the guns less effective. Going to delete after years of fun. I'll wait a week. Perfect!

Best pvp shooter I've yet found. Very fair matches. I like to win, but I don't want it to be easy. Lol. Well done, I pre-registered for Legends months ago and just finished downloading the game. Looking forward to the next madfinger experience. Great games guys. wow lol

Game still brilliant i luv it.. but now seems its harder to kill them. When i get weapon pack from crate the rocket launcher takes 3-4 times to kill zombie where it use to take only 1-2.. and if you reset skill points do you lose all the previous intel u gain or can i use them again? Superb!

Please re think of that ban. I'm going to uninstall this app due to only reason of 24 hours ban. Every new update makes this wonderful game a bit serious. Banning Multiplayer mode for such a long time is worse. Works perfectly

I would love to see your response to this review. You guys proved that the multiplayer mechanics WORKS! But I would really love to experience coop multiplayer where its a team of players who have to survive rounds and waves of ZOMBIES! Marvelous

To hard to shoot surrounding enemies atleasst it to hard for me. I need something more suitable for a shooting app. Recommend

Absolutely amazing free roaming, awesome graphics, yes when you get as far as I have your going to do side games to get more gold but that's not until around level 136 out of 480 I think. The ONLY problem I have with this game is the prices to upgrade epic and legendary weapons without buying cash you just don't earn enough even at 3 stars every level to upgrade a weapon costs songstress if not more than 100,000 and that's not including upgrading your bestray zombie layer cause research points cost money too. 5 star

Absolutely awesome! This is how you build an incredible FPS experience for mobile player like me! Great graphics excellent storyline plenty of weapons and upgrades everything a hungry gamer loves! Outstanding game outstanding experience definitely a keeper! Worth it!

Good like a Dead Trigger 2# I like this unkilled and I love battle all many zombie and this game? But plz update this unkilled like dead trigger 2# so I wait to made that game unkilled 2# so okay thank Go well

Recent update on the game made limb removed harder and barrel explosion less effective. Can you please fix it. Just wow

Great zombie shooter. The pvp matches are almost more fun than the game itself. Customer service is very quick and helpful. love it

I am using GIONEE P5L MOBILE. Fire buttons is not available in SNIPER ND Machine Gun levels how to shot. In one level it appears after 5 to 7 tries, bad thing is that i dont know how.?? Perfect!

This was my favorite game but today update is horrible they increase the vip chests amount i hate this. Whyyyyyyy you do this Fabulous!

The game is cool and all but I just got a warning saying if you leave another multiplayer match you will be banned but my game keeps crashing and people keep calling me in matches it annoying and I think MADFINGER games should do something about it Muito bom!

Customer Service is excellent. After the update, reset the Hero skills are not lost but immediately available to re-assign. The reset will keep your Level and Prestige, with the NEW YORK CLEANER the survival ops are at the same difficulty as before (depending on your guns and play skill) but more rewarding. Cool

This game is well put together and has great content. It is obvious from the beginning that is it pay to win but you hit a wall really quickly. The only way to get passed that wall is to dump loads of money into the game. If you had more options to earn and progress it would be a much better game. Brilliant

With latest update it took all my missles, health, the injection that slow the action. I had over 1000 of each and now I get 3 of each. You hard foe them game assists and they should not be taken away like that. Muito bom!

It is good to to see updates... But you made it somehow too hard. I can't kill zombie on easy or normal because it is so much more harder now, plus the gold now is untouchable and I must use real money. And that is what I don't have l Works perfectly

I like the new update but why did you guys took down all the item and put only 3 each? It was better when we could use all the items :( wow lol

I am not able to use the manual fire and zoom option as it does not appear on the screen and how do i disable gamepad configuration a red cross sign always appear at the centre of the screen , why is it there and how do i remove it ? Plz reply Perfect!

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