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Very very very good app best feature and Dosto skin Maloom Hai Aap Sabhi cheez ko copy to clipboard main Laut kar sakta hai Sabse Pehle Apne Ishq Se download karna hai open karna hai toh sabse upar disable Hoga usse sabse Pehle setting Mail sign on accessibility me chahiye uske baad Universal Gopi call karte Phir Hoon Jahan Pe apni copy kar text copy karna ho toh notification ko khole on Universal fake type kare Jis cheez ko Apne copy karna hai usse select Kare or Gopi pic click Karke sabse upar right corner corner me those two Dhanyavad is app ko or share Kare Dhanyavad best app I love it awesome app Go well

After updating to the latest version the app is not responding to any kind of trigger either back key volume up or down plz slove this issue older version was working seamlessly Highly Recommend.

This app is amazing seriously it has saved my life and I can't live without it, it's the most essential tool on my phone! Thank you! Omg

2018-03-13 на Redmi 5 plus просила доступ в Интернет, что было запрещено ей. В итоге не работала. Не знаю, связано ли это с требованием дать ей такой доступ. Удалена. Great job

App is working fine for me but you can easy the process of copying text by tapping on notification bar every time to a single click copy like magic ball etc... Fabulous!

It's amazing for copying youtube comments like the iPhone Imessage death symbol ఙ్ఞా so thanks (sorry if u have an iPhone wich is unlikely cuz ur on Google play) Great job

One of the best app out there I've been using it for quite some time now but i can't use it anymore because recently I lost my moto g5splus and i got redmi note4 now and its has very agressive ram management it closes the app very frequently each time i lock and unlock boom! Please do something to avoid this. Enjoy it!

If there's a better solution than this, I don't need it. Copies multiple text selections without the need to take a screenshot and OCR it afterwards. It's so good I investigated 'Easy Copy' and found a superior replacement for the clipboard manager I was using too - Result! Pretty good

Its a good app. However it could have been merged with easy copy. It sometimes doesnt pickup text on screen. But still its good option to use. I hope bugs will be fixed in upgrade. Pretty good

This is possibly the best clipboard app available for free. I tested many clipboard apps, but none were capable to instantly copy text from various websites and social media sites. This app is fast and easy to use, plus has nice custom options too. Enjoy it!

This app not allow to copy from FACEBOOK LITE App. Hope it will fixed soon, Rather than that it's a good App for copy anything. Pretty good

Best app for copy and paste/search. (Drawback: every time go-to notification bar for copy) Please Add following feature in Trigger: 1)Magic ball Option (Use:Magic ball Option is used for avoid every time go to notification bar) 2)Magic Ball Option with direct search action(ultra search) (Use: If I press copy then directly search action with Google/Google assistant) Not like this--> Easy copy+ have the Google search action but after the copy I need to choose search action. Why: 1)Taking notes for reference. 2)Atten Online test easy to refer without loss of time. 3)time savings. Recommend

Useful. I wish it worked on more apps, but it is a good replacement for the now dropped google now on tap. Perfect!

Easiest and most straight forward text copy app I've used but recently it does not start, does not appear in my notification panel either unless I uninstall and reinstall but it goes back to not working after a while. Highly Recommend.

The app no longer works for me. It does not respond to any long press buttons and it does not appear in my notifications either. It worked perfectly before though, and it was really easy to set up and use. Fabulous!

App is a replacement after now on tap feature was discontinued by Google. There is an issue when screen overlay is used, app didn't recognise the words Worth it!

Works once and then the notification dissappears and you can no longer activate it Great job

Add feature to copy each word instead of paragraph..please add as soon as possible...good app. Works great

I have finally found the solution I had been frustratingly searching for. Prior to finding this app I had been inconveniently OCR'ing screen capture images. Excellent solution. Kudos! Fabulous!

Fairly intuitive navigation, copying a portion of an entire page is a little confusing but not too bad. Not bad

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