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I love it because i love unicorns and mermaids so unicorns I just own love this so much and I love the hair styles they were so colorful and the drinks order pretty in the cake all I wish I could eat that cake right now..... Worth a go!

I like this game but it's a little bit of confusing me cuz when I making cakes the cute pony cake is almost looks like a turtle and when I put the layer it wouldn't let me but u have to drag it then it will put the layer but I enjoy this game Pretty good

I will have been looking at the moment and the black bag with inscription the the roof of the roof you will see how bad they are . Just wow

Authenticity of a new generation to generation of the first half but it aloud to see you too baby girl and I will be able to make the most of it is that Marvelous

I love this game but i wish that you didnt have to pay for the other games but i still love playing this game Perfect!

Tab tale games are all so good but I only have it 4 because some games you have to pay for Must have

A good game I love this game i would have given it 5☆ but only four levels are unlocked Superb!

The game is really fun to play and everything is so cute but the only problem is that everything is not open Omg

Its so cool if I didn't download this APP I'm just going to be boring I love unicorn Fabulous!

The idea of this app is absolutely fantastic. I have downloaded it for only 5 mins, and it is already my favorite game ever. I highly recommend this app for all the love it

I think it's good because me and my cousin were seeing who dresses the best so we used the thing that when you vote and it's so fun Must have

I love unicorns i think this game is excellent for any age it has more than one game!i enjoy it and i hope everyone else does. UNICORNS Marvelous

It is a good game, maybe have less adds and make more things free, then it would be more interesting. Overall I think this game is great from one unicorn lover to another this game is amazing. Thank you. Works great

This game is actually pretty good to play with. But it would have been more fun if there was a system of earning coins and then opening the unlocked items instead of paying for them. But otherwise it is a great game Fabulous!

Its really fun bit I wish the other locked things were unlocked.. But overall its really cure and nice. Love the dress up part!❤ Well done!!

This game is amazing i love how we can make hairstyles,drinks,clothes and so much more!thx for this game and pls mkae more updates so it will be more fun! Recommend

I liked it but the ads are the worst than the game and it makes me feel anoyed!?! Highly Recommend.

I think it is good bur i think that there should not be adds because then it will be more fun thank you bye. But it is really good so good job Go well

I'm a unicorn lover fansclub so i verry love it but some levels like unicorn nails is locked and have to pay, i'm verry sad, how i can play Awesome

This game is a good way to pass time Recommend

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