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This is a good game, and the unicorns are really cute! If you have lots of spare time on your hands, and you like kawaii unicorns, then this game is for you! You might like this game. My only problem is that the game gets boring after a bit from repetedly dragging unicorns to other unicorns,but there are lots of free gifts. I recomend adding minigames which you can play with all your evolutions. Thanks! Works great

I think this is a really cute and fun game. The only thing is when I watch an add, and then try to go back to the game it doesn't work. Other then that I rate the game 4 stars. But if that didn't happen then I would rate this 5 stars. Must have

I thought This game is the best game ever till I reached rainbow unicorn and my diamonds were 10 but they became 0 and I lost 1 trillion without spending it. Even my coin boost was not working Fabulous!

I love it. its soooo CUTE i love the kitty unicorn ive got about 8 of them i love this game Thank you for creating this game i rate 5 stars I LOVE IT Muito bom!

I love this game so much the only thing can you please change the controls because they are a little hard to use. I give it a 10000000%. Thank you for making this game. I LOVE UNICORNS :-) Works great

Super addictive! I got this game for my 4 year old but I'm kinda addicted myself . Works great

Help! I love this game but I'm stuck. My world 1 evolutions have maxed out but I can't match any of them to free up the space. What do I do? Brilliant

I love thsi game i play it 24 7 but what i think could improve is when i go and buy and animal it always comes up with a ad and its always about 20 seconds long..... but its awesome thanks for creating this game Must have

This game kept me busy for hours. I LOVE unicorns so this is amazing. I'm going to a dentist in a minute and I was scared but this just made me get excited! I love this game. Worth it!

Cute game, no long waits and a good way to spend your extra time. You combine like unicorns to make new unicorns, and it develops into a pyramod effect. The ads are hardly distracting and you can watch videos for bonuses if you want, and it's well worth it; for you and the creators! I'd recommend. Perfect!

Every unicorn l make is so cute. It is bc l love unicorns and pegasus and horses and alicorns and even alicorn-dragon every unicorns l make is so adorable l hope other people like this game as much as l like this game right now Highly Recommend.

OMG!!! love it!! Ok so 1, I love unicorns, 2, this game is so AWESOME , 3, it's like just a huge pile of adorableness, and 4, Did I mention this already? Anyway,...I LOVE UNICORNS!!! (#best game ever) Just wow

This game is very addictive, and the little pictures r really cute. I'm like half tomboy , but this game is pretty good. Download it and give it a try. Works perfectly

Too many ads, bottom and pop up. The google store to pay for game stuff pops up too. Too many interruptions during gameplay, otherwise really fun. Highly Recommend.

It is amazing so many cute unicorns. I'm we're you have a kitty unicorn so i gust got started so don't guge!:)so much cuteness Must have

I EXTREMELY recommend this app so addicting so fun and super cute 100 percent great app Works great

I think its a cute and fun little game. And I love how you get coins by clicking on the animals instead of getting coins taken away becuase of what level there at.LOVE IT SO MUCH Brilliant

This game is so amazing! Abd its not only because I LOVE unicorns its because of the animals that you can create! And its bot one of those easy has a stage of difficulty and there are challenged!! Highly Recommend.

Its ADDICTIVE. I thought at first this was going to be one of those stupidly cute games but this has goals to achieve and i really like this game. I love it. Continue doing what you do Good

This game is SUPER EDITION I LVE IT!!!there is no problem with anything with the game it's just perfect (including fabulous elegant powerful UNICORN!!!) P.S if you hate this game that your own apinion I love it so don't go like "oh I hate this game you can't say that you love it AHhh" OK!!! Great!

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