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Great App Liked the app. Great concept. HUD functionality is good, except for bright day light conditions. Had a few lags in the speed readings understandably due to GPS satellites and the speedometer had a constant lower speed of abt 3-5 km than the car speedo. Also does consume a lot of power (for 29.7km and avg speed of 40km/hr, battery power lost was almost 24%). Would love to see the app get an upgrade with saving a bit of battery power and improvement in speedo readings.

Like the HUD feature, but drop the red and green circles, please. The only thing I would change with this app is the red and green glowing circle. I don't need an app telling me the car is slowing down or speeding up, as I'm driving. So the colors are a distraction, especially in HUD mode. Other than that, it's a good app. Very handy for me, as I drive a lot of different cars, and few have MPH speedometers. Update: Following the maker's advice, I've turned off "Speed Limits" under the "Units/Alarms" setting. I've also gone into the menu and turned off the "Speed Edge" option under the "Speedometer" tab.

Works good Used it on Amtrak just to see how fast we were going. Only issue was battery drain. It would drain my battery even with it plugged in to the charger.

Perfect app My husband and I instantly fell in I found it with the most reviews and everyone that said it was awesome is right. It does its job and then some. I love that it connects with my google navigation so you can see how fast and what direction you're going at the same time. When your phone falls asleep, the screen turns black except for the speedometer and I think that's amazing! It seems accurate thus far.

Doesn't pick up gps I was travelling by the ICE from Frankfurt to Hamburg and wanted to check the speed of the train but it didn't pick up the GPS at all , tried for almost an hour in the end I gave up. Needs improvement

Used to be more accurate 0 to 60 and quarter mile times used to be a lot more accurate. Within two or three tenths of a second. I've actually tested it against my Garmin GPS, and quarter mile times at the pro drag way. Actual speed was more accurate, always within 1 or 2 MPH. After last update, everything is out of whack

Up to speed Love this app turned it on and found out my speedometer was off by almost ten miles a hour in the wrong way it saved me from getting tickets in my benz

The best I've tried several apps for speed, due to the fact my speedometer in my semi is off, and this is by far the best. I'm free to use my phone and don't have to worry about the app resetting itself. This app is great. I'm upgrading to pro.

Wow I was pleasantly surprised how accurate the app worked. My speedometer on my vw golf went out, and this has been a handy temporary fix. Cool!

Nice app Only problem I'm having since last update is it will only go horizontal with home button facing to the left and is upside down when home button is on the right which is the way I always used to face it

Great app This is an amazing app, thank you. This app would be even more amazing if you added Gforce.

Its ok Speedometer function from what I can tell works great for the 0 to 60 time is completely wrong. Drive a 4.00 sec car and its telling me I'm doing 8.87

I love this app I have several cars that do not have the correct tires on them. THIS APP HAS SAVED ME FROM TICKETS MANY TIMES OVER!!!

#battery-status It. Just. Works.! I can't think of enough good things to say about this app! Works perfectly with HTC EVO 4g LTE. No bloat or bs - every piece of information on the screen is accurate and useful, laid out in a very natural manner. GPS drains battery, but it's a necessary evil that can't be avoided, given the nature of how this app works. Apps like this are what make Android better than the "others".

#all-about-cars Amazing app! Really awesome! Great user interface. The HUD blew my mind =) the customizable speed limits are really cool as well. Overall an awesome one-stop vehicle speed app. The free version is the only one I know of and is incredible. Must see to believe.

wSGii! What would make this app better would detect actual speed limits of roads. But guess that would be illegal :-(. Recommend to get Ulysse Speedometer APK.

Inappropriate ads! I used to give this app 4 stars but now there are too many inappropriate ads. I don't care to see naked women on the bottom of the screen every time I look at the speedometer!. Recommend to install Ulysse Speedometer APK.

Wow!! My speedometer was not working and this is just amazing. Its accurate so I throw it on my dash. Im on a cricket huawei btw lol. Would work great for biking and running too.. Recommend to take Ulysse Speedometer APK.

#battery-status Love this app! downloaded because I borrowed a car without a working speedometer. have verified the speed again several working speedometers. love the heads up display.

Really Rocks..........! it has what I was looking for, the ability to setup multi preset over speed limits with different audio warnings. This one floats the boat! Galaxy Note1

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