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Great app Love it. The only problem I see is when using the navigation the screen doesn't stay on like it usually does. Other than that. Awesome wow lol

Handy app

Loved it Was looking for a speedometer, but this app has come out of more than my expectation. Many other vital information are available.It is quite customizable. Muito bom!

Best speedometer... The only one I've found that works on the airplane! Very versatile and accurate. Me likely! Perfect!

great app if u have a car that doesn't have a speedometer u can use ur phone as a speedometer instead this is a nice app Perfect!

Heads up display is also a great fun feature. Worth a go!

The landscape veiw in HUD mode only shows thw first digit. Cool

Best speedometer app that I've used on my HTC EVO. Awesome

But 1 star untill you guys fix it. Needs improvement

O-DOG I luv dis APP! I use it in my ol school muscle car. U get speedometer,outside temp.,recorded speed for da day,week month,compass etc. U can'nt beat dat. Fabulous!

Features needed Add Odometer for total car and since last gasoline refill Export to a cloud service like Dropbox, Google Drive etc Combine all tracks into singular daily tracks instead of presently several tracks based on start and stop. Go well

Great app When you are wondering at what speed you are travelling, this app gives you the accurate data right on your fingertips. Cool

Great device Got this when my dashboard lights failed. So glad I got my first smart phone recently or I'd have been stuffed for commuting to work. Couldn't believe you could get such a useful and beautifully designed thing for free. Good

Good Works nice, lot of features, but speed is 6 to 8 kmph lagging, speed limit alarm works well superb, navigation is fantastic, but nav only needs data connection, Fantastic

Great app but doesnt quit The app works and looks great but when you exit and tell it to exit it stays on in the background. I have to go in and force quit it. Its taking up to 52% of my battery on my G3. Enjoy it!

LG optimus zone 2 Works great always use it when driving a vehicle that has the speedometer broken in it Works great

Buggy & Racing Info Inaccurate If you just want a good estimate of fast you are moving, how far you gone and other general distance and speed information then this is not a bad App. For 0-60 speed, quarter mile, and fast speed progression this app is very unreliable. In one instance it say I did a quarter mile in 9 seconds but took me 16 second to go from 0 to 60. Often when doing the racing runs, it measures intermittently, so it will go from 49 to 51 to 54 to 57 to 61. In one case I passed 60Mph, but the App was at 55Mph with clear sky Flawless

super i am using this map from last 2 months this app is suprb amazing and working...thnxx Great!

Best App Ulysee really help me a lot when i need to know my 'real' top speed. Its more accurate than stock speedometer on my motorcycle :D Highly Recommend.

Semi functional on LG L70 Compass is non functional, and speedo is laggy even when this is the only app running in foreground. Could use a speed camera integration along with the option to show both cameras simultaneously. Marvelous

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