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I use to play with it daily back when i was a kid In these 6 years, almost changed my phones multiple times now but there are some apps i install on the very first boot afterand getting anew phn and this is one of them. It was a paid app back in the days now its free :) Recommend

Super helpful app I use it in my one classic vehicle that the speedometer doesn't work and it's so accurate it's wonderful love it

Permanent screen damage? Kindly elaborate further, how using the app can permanently damage AMOLED screens. Btw app, per se, is awesome barring these few considerations. Just wow

Works ok This app does a great job calculating speed, but would randomly split my tracks during recording. Brilliant

Impressive Wonderfully looking app. Very attractive design, aircraft-style HUD mode, customisable, accurate. Precise racing meters. Also helps to find GPS satellites more quickly on slower devices Fantastic

Very satisfying Very useful for my application. I can tweak it the way I want. though exit button in status bar doesn't work, please fix that. Muito bom!

Nice.....BUT.... Very nice/fun app, but excessive permissions. Why do you need to know my browser history or my bookmarks or my call log info to determine my speed? Also MASSIVE battery drain due to all the features I assume. Superb!

Nice! I tried it for a while, and am impressed with the features. Found the UI a bit confusing, but it gets easier once you use it a few times

Overlay It works it works it works!!! Great to see it back. Was going to remove the app. Great app

avg in km vry useful app.. if posible pls add option to choose km/mi speedometer in trip meter..presently its only mi and we hav to comvrt it to km manualy later

Excellent application I use this on my Galaxy S6 and it works flawlessly. I also use it on my old HTC MyTouch 4G for the HUD feature so I can keep my attention on the road.

Great Bought the pro version. And yes it doesn't agree with your speedometer, it is more accurate.

Permissions Originally thought permissions are excessive. Still do but it's a good app so I guess have to live with them. Good app.

Screenshot issue Everything of this app is great, just i can't figure out how to take screenshot of the max speed recorded.

Could use a better look That's all the issues I have actually. The app runs very great and does what it has to do. Except that the presentation can be improved. For example, the honeycomb menu is very unintuitive and confusing. I also would suggest having skinning features to customize the look of the HUD.

Does exactly wht it says I use the app almst everyday iv gt a diesil and i unplug its speedo and use this so saves me dosh as long as i dnt gt caught by th pigs its accurite as and i love th funky colours yea love it

Great app Уже пользуюсь этим приложением несколько лет, очень нравится.

Works great ! My dash lights went out and this app kept me legal in various speed zones in Dubuque, IA at night that are heavily monitored by law enforcement.

NEWER PHONE...WORKS GREAT NOW Updated my phone a few months ago to G5 and app worked SOOOO much better I decided to go Pro! Wish it had Waypoint options though. Anyway good job!

Best app ever The speed is nearly accurate I compared with speedometer good clean and neat interface accuracy is +/- 2 kmph still thank you Perfect!

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