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Still has issues reading speeds when i go to race mode even on 4G network Trying to record the time of 0-60 and 0-100 has a lot of issues. Sometimes the timer doesn't start at all or speed time keeps fluctuating. Sometimes they show 0-60 as 3.2 sec sometimes 6 .. so these errors are major for me. Please fix Enjoy it!

Need improvement No display of gasoline indicator On speedometer.....if iam driving car or motorcycle how could i know If my gasoline running out. Honestly Not fully integrated. Go well

Good tool as a driver trainer Am a driver trainer for a mass transit district. This app is awesome. All trainers got tablets & we made sure that IT preloaded this app on it. I can now see how fast the trainees are going without hovering over their shoulder. I can also see how long it took to run the route. If it's an hour route & it took them 75 min they we know they need to work on that. Awesome app all trainers love it!! Just wow

سعی کنید فارسی یادبگیرید چون قشنگتره،دست شما درد نکنه برنامتون حقیقتا عالیه. Flawless

Excellent Tried it, loved it. Use it for my ATV when I go riding. Tracks my mileage. Checked it with the speedo in a truck and it was dead on. My mother in law saw me use the HUD display and she wished she had it when she had her van. The speedo didn't work in the van Omg

The new update is working well.. But gps connection should be improved bcoz sometimes if the connection is not good it stopped working.. Not bad

Please include the option to show distance in KM and temp in degree celcius as well Cool

Absolutely awesome! So far I am in love with this application. I haven't tried it while driving yet but I didn't try the HUD and it works great in my car. It looks awesome and I'm excited to use it. My speedometer is really hard to read and extremely bright and hurts my eyes so this should do the trick is the speed is accurate. Great job

Works as advertised Seems to be accurate. I think the best feature is that it will overlay maps so you can see both location and speed Pretty good

Standing still speed 4km/h Works great, except... sometimes when I turn on Speedometer, it's showing 4km/h while I'm standing still. And when I speed up, it's accurate, it's ok. Soon as I stop 4km/h. :( I need to restart my phone to fix this, but it's very annoying. Please, is there anything I can do, beside restarting. Thank you. Works great

Bleh I don't mind ads but this app has the most annoying ads ever. Enter settings it brings an ad. Close the ad, the whole app closes and that happens 3-5 times per session. Nah. I'm not playing that game. Pretty good

Please fix Overlays do not work on s7. Also speed in status bar. Otherwise a great app. I used it everyday on my s5 and never had an issue. Marvelous

Best!!!! Nice app but please add features of ulysee gizmos also in next version. When the next version is coming Surprisingly

Simply superb..... I loved it because it works perfectly ,I'll enjoy by using this app...ok u can download it works perfectly.......... Worth it!

Nice app Nice app to view speed......any provision by which I can view speed in kmph????? Fantastic

Closing the app sucks! Ir-s nice and does a good job!!! But... Put a CLOSE button on the notification because it's really annoying to have to go into the app and tap to get an Exit option...It's the ONLY app that requires something like that... Highly Recommend.

PERFECT!! I had an issue and you fixed it on the next day! That's real SUPPORT! THANK YOU! :) Enjoy it!

My top speed record disappeared! I was riding my bicycle on the downhill and my fricking records disappeared app used to work great but it's sort of bugged Good

Very good Earlier the app simply refused to pick gps signals but after the update the app works flawlessly. Hatsoff to the developers who actually respond to most of the reviews and try to solve any problems faced by users. 5 star

Very useful App I really like this App especially the 0 to 60 time. Great for practicing take offs Go well

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