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Used it in my truck,it is accurate,but not that accurate(20 or 30 KMs appart from my truck's odometer) If the update fixes that,I will be happy Works perfectly

Superb app but I am not able to understand when traveling to train this app doesn't work...anoyone know the reason. Works great

Sweet Speedo even worked in an airplane,,, registered 604 mph max. Have to do the conversion for knots Worth it!


Very useful app. Just don't get much chance to use it. 4/5 stars for the fact this app is always running in the background. And when in application manager I stop the app, it restarts. There's no need to always have this app running. Please update to stop this. Thank you Works perfectly

Overall, this app is good. However, there are something basic still missing: when starting a trip, it only showed the total time when the vehicle is moving. As soon as the vehicle stops, the clock stops. I really want to see "total time", in addition to "moving time" on the odometer. Better yet, having "stop time" too. Good

a long time ago.. i used it.. but i uninstalled this.. and now i download it again... Superb!

Great app, no issues whatsoever! I use it on my motorcycle and its everything I ever needed! Fabulous!

Great app!Works offline and it's accurate for my bike, will recommend to friends. Pretty good

İts good ! Very Useful ... خیلی عالیه. زور باش بو .... Zor baş bo Omg

Only just downloaded this app, so not sure what to make of it yet. But there is one thing you could update and that's a flip screen. You don't have it on this app at the moment and my phone when it's on the windscreen is led down not upright. One other thing I found as well is, it's still to bright for night time driving. Highly Recommend.

This app has made over 450,000 coarse location requests in the approximately 3 months that it's been installed. Every 3 seconds, this app is sending out your location, even when it's not being used. Other than that, the app is great. Good

Good app. I just downloaded it because I saw some guy using it on his windshield. Works great. Muito bom!

This app finds reliable satallite very fast.. Other speedometer app takes lot of time to find Satallite.. This app is quick, lite , reliable and easy to use.. Perfect

why it remains full screen all the time and even after disabling full screen option, it reverts to default automatically. Go well

اگر از زبان پارسی پشتیبانی میکرد عالی میشد! Must have

Working Do i need Mobile data On(since i start using this app my data is on )... It's amazing app Enjoy it!

I use it with Strava I use this awesome app with Strava during my mountain biking. I like the overlay feature very much. The transparent color doesn't bother the another running apps. Worth a go!

App is good since my speedometer is broken but Just one problem. Why did u hide ur exit button? U should put in somewhere where user can quickly prees it to exit. I was frustrating just now just because I can't the exit button. Flawless

Its ok When i measure the speed of train it work slow, start late. And when train stop or bus it can also work own without open or use.plzz prepare it. Great!

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