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Works well. Used to be great however now it runs in the background, even when you turn off background application setting. Wastes 25% of my battery in a day without even opening the app. Uninstalled. Perfect

Does NOT overlay the speed LIMIT onto maps, just a speedometer. This for the .01 percent whose built in speedo is broken? Weather, for those whose windshield is opaque? What it does it does OK I guess. Amazing!

best speedometer app, have many feature and can overlay in other app, this app is useful to me.. salam satu aspal Works great

Perfect app for me.... I use to play with it ... When I am in a train or flight.... it works even in flight mode also..bcz it needs only gps Fabulous!

Use it on low brightness, otherwise it will burn a permanent circle into your screen. It's faint but I can clearly see it in my screen no matter what app is open. Perfect!

Great App to track your trials.. And they've been constantly updating the contents and it is so good.. Amazing!

Who seriously reviews a speedometer app. Well apparently I do now. After my last who knows how many. Maybe 5 phones all had this speedometer app on them. Just got a new phone and tried a different app... after 3 minutes of searching for GPS. I reinstalled this app and had my speed display instantly. Simple yet accurate and quick Works great

Super app But it shows 5 kmph less than original speed Can I do something to get exact speed Perfect!

Good But Not Perfect.. Track option is not working in app.. Not able to track my trials while travelling.. Highly Recommend.

Works good I would give 5 stars if I had ability to change the location of the overlays Perfect!

This is an excellent app!!!!! I use it when walking, running, riding my mountain bike & dirt bike to keep track of speed, distance, time, direction, altitude and many more things! Must have

There's so much good information it's unbelievable. I mainly use it at the track. But I like the heads up display when I'm doing a long trip. Marvelous

I love the graphics and features, 5 stars, however I hate that it keeps loading itself into memory when not in use, or even when it hasnt been started. Deleted. Fabulous!

It would be good if the timer stops by itself wen it corsses 60kmph,100kmph and 1/4 distance... so that calculating time taken for 0-60,0-100,1/4 distance will be helpful...plz do consider it and make it in possible in nxt update Marvelous

I have used it inside the train and it worked awesome app❕❕ Amazing!

Perfect working in Airplane good work just one request put chatting in this aap so will more fun TQ Marvelous

I have been using it for quite a while and it has never let me down. The interface is nice and easy to use but also get customizable if you want to spend a little more time on it. Fantastic

You guys should add a feature that cycles through colors to lessen the likelihood of burn-in on certain screen types. Great job

Please add a leading zero on 24 hr clock thanks ... Great to see a proper international app and not a Murican centric home Works great

Works great in the car and at 35000 feet. Wish the "bubbles" with data could be re arranged for LED burn inn prevention. Just a though. Go well

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