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Bluetooth issue. The apps Stop/Start option doesn't work with my cars Bluetooth . It can see the Bluetooth signal but it does start or stop the app like I think it should. Flawless

Brilliant app Used free version for quite a while and love it!! Just installed Pro... just brilliant. Great!

Best app ever(,.!.!.,) Smooth, Consistent, Accurate. Only complaint is exiting program leaves me automobile mode. Might be a os thing rather than app. Either way the best purchace i have done. Go well

Because it works! It's the most used application on my phone! Because my car and motorcycle both have a modified suspension with non-stock tires and wheels (which makes any installed speedo horribly incorrect), this speedometer has saved me many expensive court appearances. Thank you! BTW: i now use a LG V10. Works perfectly

Used it for years now... I have used this on a daily basis for years... simply the best speedometer app available! :) Go well

best speedo available For me, I just wish it could plug into my car, some day it will instead of my stock car odometer and speedometer. Otherwise it does very well. I don't expect it to make my coffee warm. Go pro it is worth it to support development. Just wow

Gps The signal keeps cutting out not giving a speed reading or the spead reading is out with up to 20kmh. Also yesterday my phone was switched off for the whole day, however your app reckons i travelled for 80km. I think there are a few bugs you need to fix. Brilliant

I bought the Pro version, no exciting difference with the free one. I wished if the OVERLAYS were selectable differently on each application :( Surprisingly

Completely Awesome Once you change the size and opacity of the overlays, it is awesome. I used this when I was driving truck as a secondary speedometer as some of the trucks I drove were off by 2 or 3 mph but compared to construction zone radars it was never more than 1 mph off. I love the overlays for Google maps and used them together all the time. If only Google would have an option for truck routes you wouldn't have to buy an expensive GPS. I don't truck anymore but I use this app as a good reference for my car and bikes. Go well

Some missing features Since my location is known why can't units be determined by default? Why doesn't the app switch automatically between day and night mode? Why are there still issues with overlays? Why all the permissions like browser history etc? Simplified menu system would be great. Superb!

I just love this app. I love its accuracy and easy to use with everyday driving. I just have to mention the battery consumption. It is just eating it away and be sure to have it plugged in while using. Also I have a bit of a question for the developers. When I set up the Start/Stop option, to start whenever it connects on my cars Bluetooth, it doesn't and it deletes my Start options as if I never assigned any BT devices. I am using this app with Samsung Galaxy Alpha with only that one little problem. Please help because I am loving every feature. And since its free, I would love it if you could integrate the app with HERE Maps so I don't have to burn more battery running two awesome apps. Thank You, I will be your keen supporter for as long as I can Cool

This app has one of the worst designs I've ever seen. Fortunately, all I use it for is the Google Maps overlay... which works well. Just wow

THE ONE This is the only speedometer app I use and the one I recommend to friends... if you're going to get a speedometer app... this is THE ONE Perfect

I like it a lot but it seems to be jamming up my phone lately. Not sure what's going on. Sometimes it won't let me shut it down. Please fix because I love this app. wow lol

Compass worked on trial version, but on pro doesn't work. Stuck at 0 north. Calibrated compass, uninstalled, restarted phone, reinstalled...still not working. 5 star

Very useful I paid for this program 4 phones ago and it is always close to my home screen. The only thing I'm hoping for is for this app to become compatible with android auto. Well done!!

Good app but Just had to do a full factory reset on my phone and now says I have to buy again . Please can you tell me a way over this? Great!

Excellent app, use it in car and on motorcycle. Love the overlays with Google maps. Recommend

Awesome app This is probably the best speedometer app out there. Pro is definitely worth the money. Enjoy it!

It's so cool!! Love the way it works and looks. It's awesome! I also like that you can track your daily, weekly and monthly driving info and then save it. Amazing!

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