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Great stopwatch especially with the voice notification. Makes it so easy for hands free usage. Fantastic

Love the simplicity and the fact that it can be voice activated. A lot of options for a free app in my opinion. I have had this app for years now ... Only hiccup for me was that at some point, I think it got upgraded so that you had to swipe to see the stopwatch versus the timer. I was not aware of that and so thought it had lost some functionality. But when I reinstalled it, the instructions provided told me about that. Great job

Now the temporizer (count down) will only play alerts if we pay premium? What a turn down. Not bad

Great app! Please add the ability to control the stopwatch with your voice. I use this for timing weight lifting circuits and I can't hit buttons when my hands are full. It would also be nice to allow users to customize the control words and corresponding actions. Awesome

I really love this app cuz I use it when I workout at gym and I can know the time I spend riding the bike Perfect!

Great app. How about adding an option to speak a "NASA" style count down when timer approaches zero? ie. "30 seconds", "20 seconds", "10", "9", "8", "7",...."1", "0" Go well

Goes on every phone and tablet. You should seriously consider putting this on F-Droid. I HATE the Play Store. ;) Superb!

Was great Used it for some time, it was updated and as stated earlier, has issues. If my phones screen turns off, it continues to count down, but i hear no alarm, then when i try to back out of app, i must hit back about 12 or so times. 5 star

2 versions ago was better No more timer on notification bar, just an hourglass. Quick check of time remaining is gone without that feature. Alarm will not stop if phone is in pin lock, which is extremely annoying. Edit to reply: Yes you can, but still it is a regression from previous version where you could just look and see it without having to manipulate anything. Worth it!

Great Stopwatch Only minor bugs needs to be fixed, like in case stopwatch runs for a long period then alternate buttons for lap n stop (volume down n up) doesn't work . otherwise an excellent stopwatch.... Never seen such an informative stopwatch before. A must download for atheletes. Go well

Love it but... ...the music that goes off when the timer hits zero has to go. I hope the paid version has an option to change it. Good

Well written app and was going to buy but they crossed the line being pushy and embarrassing with a loud audio in middle of meeting, to buy the upgrade. How can I trust if I buy there won't be more of this tactic? Also stopwatches need to start, random failures to start for the up-sell wasted a large amount of time. Marvelous

This is simply an excellent and useful app. I used Lite for a short while to see if it suited, and then naturally saw fit to pay the mere 99 CENTS to buy the pro version. If you're going to use it, then pay for it and recompense the developers a bit. Not bad

Good chron It is very good. Can you add an option to share the whole story and not for every count?. Please allow to edit the history to add additional data as for me, number of laps in swmn for every count. Thanks. The app is great Well done!!

Cool but incomplete All I wanted was to be able to stop and reset a countdown timer using my volume buttons... but no. Muito bom!

Great stopwatch Has everything you need for precision timing and splits. The ability to use the volume keys is great. Perfect!

I have used this app for years. They have improved it quite a bit. I just updated it and the new interface isn't well done. But the app works fairly well. One very big problem is that after updating I can't find the toggle to switch to the stop watch and back to the timer. It was on the bottom of the old interface and now, "nada, nothing." Please let us know what's up. Thanks, Michael love it

Does everything I want. And having no "POPUP-ADS" in a chrono app is EXCELLENT. Better than free version of Stopwatch Timer because of that very fact. I mean really, who puts a "full screen randomly timed popup ad" on a stopwatch. Kudos! For those who can't find the settings to turn voice off, hold the square button (app changer) for 1.5sec. Fantastic

Used to use this for a long time, my old phone had a physical menu button. Have just got an LG G4 and only on screen buttons - No menu button. Now I can't bring up history (needed to record seizures for someone) to either view it or clear it. Please add 3 dot menu for history/settings. Tried the paid version, same there too. Thanks. EDIT: holding the recents button brings up menu/settings Must have

Simple and clean stopwatch and countdown timer. Voice announcement of times. Voice setting of countdown time. Program does not need special permissions that spy on your activities like many apps do to generate money. Would be nice if a few extra options like different alarm sounds came as standard. Some of this is available in a pro version. Works great

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