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Works as expected Worked pretty well for us. Easy to create groups from your contact list, define restrictions and send assigned person to each other.

Doesn't work! Loaded ok. Verified ok. Now can't use app to add people as the tabs don't work! Very frustrating

Must be VIP to use.... not free! Requires that you be a VIP b4 you can really use app. To be VIP you need to either (a) give a $ donation, (b) rank app, (c) get 2 participants to share app on social media or (d) forgot last option... anyway it became more time consuming then anything else....

Needs some work. Needs ability to save what has been entered for a group even when you have not completed entry of all member info.

Must pay for results You enter all your information do the draw then to get the results you have to pay. If you must pay it should be noted before you waste your time.

Good App! My suggestion is create an edit group option. Because, It's frustrating create a new group when I want only change the person's name. One question, If I have VIP group and I clone it then would be this new group a VIP group too?

Takes time to get into it No good the "donating" step once you got all the info of the group to become a VIP group. That means that every one has to pay to get his/her secret santa.. No good ! No good at all..

Just perfect! Tired of argue about how to get your secret santa if you don't want to give your email? I found my answer in this app. You can play as you want, on the screen, by email, by whatsapp... and it's very easy, as well. I said, just perfect!

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