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I absoulotely LOVE this app,my sistets asked me to download it for them because they also loved it and it is soooo funny. Me and my familly laugh our socks of Amazing!

It was really funny I loved it evan my cousins friends and family loved it Flawless

This is cool but, why are some things Locked? It makes no sense. The filters are really fun and I like them a lot! So many fun Faces! BUT IT IS A LITTLE COMPLICATED WORKING THE APP. Worth it!

I have this ugly camera and I prees the camera it says denied is not available this a not good camera wow lol

Great app! Some of the filters cost money but I am happy with the ones that it gives you. Fabulous!

UGH I'm only 8yrs old But this app is boring it NOT funny and you pay $11 something for filters and I can't use my mama's credit card to pay for it so I can't pay for it uhh uhh uhh I would rather watch yee or MRMRMANGOHEAD btw I laughed a little Omg

I can't stop laughing.. if I could share some of my videos that I made with this app I know everyone would love it, and die from laughing to much... Works perfectly

love it I recommend you get it its awesome so funny I have 1 complaint it doesn't take super funny pictures Recommend

Fun app Very funny app I've been looking for realtime effects like this. Although the app design is horrible and hate the excessive AD spam everywhere. Go well

oh my Fricken gosh I feel like I am having way to much fun with this. Somethings u have to pay for which I feel is unnecessary but life is life Good

Android phone Hilarious, can't get enough. Although some features require money, the ones that don't are cute. Not bad

Ha ha heeee....... This camera make me laugh everyday... i cant stop laughing seeing my face in this ugly camera....

Sooooo FUN! I love this game. I had it on my phone and me and my brother couldnt stop laughing. My face hurt afterwards. Everyone should have this game♥♥♥♥♥♥

Awesome It is funny and an a amazing app you love to see you look funny and ugly as well.

Review It could be improved but so far it's OK they could add more to the animation like for example they could give cartoon characters to add onto the picture

Best belly laugh in years My family love this app. When watching the video clips, made the whole family laugh and smile. Best app ever love it

Please help me !! Why i cant save it on my device . Its only said "no such file or directory" . Howww :'( Superb!

funny funny but video duration should has to be atleast 2 to 3 minutes of time... so i request to developer if u can do this that will be more funnier then ever.... thanks for giving chance to people to make other people laugh.. god bless u... Fabulous!

Lots fun My brother really likes this app. It's so funny.he asks if he can make faces Thank you for this.I love it. Go well

Perf I have died laughing at these pictures to the point that my makeup came off. Spamming friends with this is so fun. Love this app! LOVE IT! Brilliant

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