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very good app this app give more information so very good clarity it is very easy to understanding love it

एक बात अच्छी है इस एप्प की, इसमें ज्यादा adds नहीं आते। Highly Recommend.

It's good but authors do not tell us from where we can buy these products like shoes jewellery etc. wow lol

This app provide good news from the whole world ... I would like to give 5 star Superb!

Uc news provides the best news from all over the world.... and the app is very good but the night mode option of uc news is sucks.. from the 1st day of this app the night mode works perfectly but after 2-3 days of my downloaded date night mode option is hide/gone from settings.. please fix this bug.. Muito bom!

बोनस नही भेजा 2 feb 2018 को बोनस रिडीम किया था अभी तक नही आया 1 महीने से ऊपर हो गया फीडबैक में 4 बार शिकायत कर चुका हूँ फ्रॉड कर रहे हैं Works great

Today I found my quiz bonus in my paytm account..Thanks uc news..It's good nd entertaining app including videos that why I love it's so much.. Recommend

Just rewriting my review. It took time but I got my money after about one and a half month. So not so bad app but took it's fare share of time. Pretty good

Nice news app but one problem every time reading to news overall spelling mistake so you're typing to letters clearly putting the news wow lol

Nice app but many times fake femous celebrity news,pls provide knowledge types news Marvelous

Today I get my money that was won by me on uc news quiz...It is very late but I am happy... Thank uc team Works perfectly

Info is a good time for me and I will try my hardest not sure what I want to do with it all the way to get a chance with her and she is not good enough for me to come over for Go well

Yaa.. Loads of cricket news' which I mostly like to read. More , it adding articles in every 15 minutes.. Good app.. Great!

मेरे द्वारा जीता गया राशि अभी तक अदा नहीं किया गया है। Pretty good

Bookmarks limits is very low pls increase the limit of bookmarks otherwise I am deleted this aap 5 star

UC news good and now a days I addicted to this even I can't left this unread. Superb fast news. Brilliant

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मैंने क्विज शो में ₹250 रूपये जीते थे,जिसको हमने रिडीम कर लिया था,लेकिन आज तक रिडीम किया हुआ *मनी* मेरे *पेटीएम* में नही आया , एक माह से ज्यादा हो गया रिडीम लगाये हुए। *ये क्विज कब दुबारा शुरू होगा* love it

This app is good but sometimes it shows repeated news and most important it always running in background so please correct this problem Works great

One update required that the news we open should not be shown with change colour which detect that this news you have opened or read or detection of colour of that show you have opened this news. Works perfectly

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