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Very nice working It is easy too use in very small size which make it very special it can use all phone it save battery working are good it make my phone happy stop the apps Awesome

What a good cleaner! Its really effective and easy to use. It would be more fantastic if it has an antivirus. Thank you uc team! Highly Recommend.

Great on my galaxy mini 2 Its so simple app but a greatest app, because uc clean is not use much of ram. My ram just 410mb and it's working perfectly!!! Works perfectly

When i free, then my first action play UC CLEANER APPS and scan it Most useful application for Android phone, so i honestly suggest use this application. Thanks ®© Must have

Good all round but i have a first world problem with it. Where's the Boost Box it should have created? I'm using Line Launcher app and cannot see boost box folder with my nominated apps. Huh! ? If it ain't fixed soon I'm leaving it for another first world problem. Awesome

Working well! This app does what. It says. It cleans and boosts and cleans your system to keep it running smoothly. Not bad

Good for lollipop But I need update for marshmallow its not opening, please make update for marshmallow as soon as possible I'm waiting Recommend

UC cleaner UC cleaner users to slow speed and clear web space, battery saves also useful tools. Brilliant

Not working on android 6.0 Guys 6.0 is out where are you? Using since launch of uc cleaner best experience but now not working...

NICE APP! BUT.... love your app but there's only one problem... Can you please make an update where it will support tablets? For example please make it horizontal when opening app and also when using the app booster thing... When I open the box in my home screen it turns the opposite way of horizontal, hopefully you just understood what I said but please add the horizontal thing for tablets or other devices....

I'll rate as is for now but for time being It's ok, i have no complaints so far give me a few days to get familiar with app nd then I'll give my full ratings. But for now it's as is.

Ultra Compact App. SUPERB U.I, must have... I found this HYPER SPEED BOOSTER, JET ROCKET TOOL,As It MAY/CAN COMPETE,almost SOME ANTIVIRUS APP.,AS IT REMOVES JUNK FILES, Suspicious unwanted JUNK that may be Contaminated with some WORMS, TROJANS; MALWARE etc. this APP. not only boost's RAM,SPEED but also keeps DEVICE quite safe from bots, INCOMING HAZARDS. ★Godspeed....TO UC-WEB TEAM★

Sony Xperia M C2004 Excellent... Please add battery saving technology and iswipe function... Once again ThanQ & LovU...

Best cleaner ever I have used many cleaners like clean master, 360 security. Problems with them is they are not complete package. Always suggest something more to download. And of course, ads are to pop up every second. But Ucleaner is ad free. Complete package. Its layout is amazingly beautiful. Highly satisfied.

Best of the best! UC product has always amazed me with good quality. Looking forward for some other new products from you guys! Keep it up

Simple. No ads. Quiet. Efficient. Hope it would add new feature for app manager tho. So far haven't seen any cleaner apps that is at the same time simple, effective, and with phone to sd card storage control.

Great, small in size big on usefulness Finally found the one utility app for clean up, etc for my tablet and cell. Non intrusive and does what I need. Be gone CM products. When we are all new with android stuff and eager I see quite a few of us fall in to the CM trap, then we wise up to the shenanigans. Great app. Fabulous!

Awesome Very fast, and easy to use. And boosts everything even my internet.Thank you. Amazing what a bit of propper clean up on fone can do. Good premium app in a humble package but gave my phone a new lease on life.

Small but good छोटा अप्लिकेसन्न है पर अच्छा कम करता है instal करने में भी कोई प्रॉब्लम नहीं है मेमोरी में भी जगह कम लेता है

Very good ap I feel my mobile performance have been increased to some extent after installing this app since useless memory occupied are drastically released.

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