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The language problem I dont know Korean. Could you help me about the language setting, i couldn't find it. I knoe only English. Thx Well done!!

it seems awesome can anyone help me to know how to change language. i wana change its Language into English its possible please guide me Worth a go!

그럭저럭 그 예전에 백업시켜놓은 사진들이 없어져버렸내요 ....... ㅡㅡ 내가 삭제한것도 아닌데 .... 어떡하죠????? Recommend

Language How can I change the language to English?? Alan Conde can u give instructions how to do it?

좋아요좋아요 생각보다 좋아요..다른 앱보다도 훨씬편하고 좋네요.강추강추

translate i think this app is good..actualy i have it on my phone already but i cant use it cuz its in korean language,i cant understand.i want to reinstall it again but i cant.btw,bought my phone in korea.pls help.

Awesome HELLO?? CAN U GUYS NOT READ THE DESCRIPTION?? This app was made for korean and u+ users only so if your not in korea its totally useless

Haiz This app only work with Korean people so it doesn't have another language, so it useless with me X0

#watch-or-make-a-video For those who cant understand korean! Um guys this is just like drop box which is supported by LG U+ which is one of the telecommunication in korean. If im not wrong you can use this app unless you are using the LG U+ because it required accounts which should be registered in that telecom.

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