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Besides the 5 dollar booking fee, I enjoyed it a lot. I ordered McDonald's and it came super fast (20 minutes). Also the food was still warm! Definitely worth it if ordering for a lot of people, a little expensive for just one person, unless you have a credit card which gives you Uber eats credits. (Amex) Just wow

It's pretty cool. Every driver seems like they are on a race against time but they are still friendly. Solid app. Would recommend if it is in your area. Would like to see more local resturants rather than just the bigger ones. Worth a go!

Great! Now I can get a massive variety of food delivered right to my door. Genius. *Update March 5, 2018. App needs to be fixed. Cannot remove cards, says internal server error. *Update March 8, 2018. Issue is fixed. wow lol

I was hesitant at first, but every time was on point. App could use a way to tip at my discretion. I find the only time I can tip is when I close then reopen the app. This could be my own ignorance though as to how to do it properly. Amazing!


As a consumer, it's great. I am also a driver, and admit that I often have trouble finding apartments, especially as night, at 2-3 AM. Depending on the neighborhood, it can get scary, trying to find the right apartment late at night. I would urge my fellow customers to give specific directions to your apartment, at be ready to come out and meet the driver when the food arrives wow lol

Used this service 5x now and cant fault! If you read a comment about the food being cold...dont order your food in rush-hour!! They can only get the food to your house as quickly as you can when you go get a takeaway. All the bad comments I probably from other restaurant owners but can't afford to use this service..haha Well done!!

Sit at home, tap tap on the mobile and 30-45mins food is at the door step. Save the hassle driving, waiting for seats and what not. Great user interface app. Fantastic

Great idea and would use more but two issues. 1st need more restaraunts. 2nd is that GPS that UBER uses is not good and sends driver to wrong location and is frustrating for driver and makes delivery times longer. I will use more when when they fix their GPS. Marvelous

Too much power exists on the restaurant side of the transaction. I pay for my food at a certain time and to have it delayed by sometimes up to a half hour should result in sort of penalty. I like the ability to order foods like this but I am expected. The GPS seems to be slightly off in urban areas too, I don't know how many times I've put in my address and another one is selected. It's frustrating, especially when you can change the delivery address prior to pickup. Great!

Easy to use, but inconvenient payment methods since cash and paytm are the only two payment options as on March 6, 2018. Still limited coverage at the time of this review. It'll be great if the coverage can be expanded and its payment options include debit and credit cards. Must have

Variety and service really depends on your location, just don't blame uber because you order food that doesn't travel well, like something fried. Other than that I think the undeats app is fairly accurate. Haven't had any issues with any drivers, my only issue would be accurate pictures for restaurants C'mon now some places listed clearly have food that doesn't look like what it does in the pics. Omg

Great! Now I can get a massive variety of food delivered right to my door. Genius. *Update March 5, 2018. App needs to be fixed. Cannot remove cards, says internal server error. Muito bom!

Far improved compared to the last version of the app. Haven't had any problems since Enjoy it!

Not only is this such a great app, this is company is amazing at everything they create. I'm sure more business will eventually sing up with uber eat to expand the selection but for now every restraint currently available through this app has excellent food. The app allows you to monitor where the driver is and also gives a bio on the driver. I would recommend this app to everyone. -Sara Marvelous

Ever since me en Gerald got diagnosed with the diabetes this app has been a god send, like little Jesus himself were crawling around inside of our tummies. My pastor says it's important to feel the touch of God and other than the Altar boys I don't think anyone's been closer. I sometimes wonder what happened to Sam, that's Suzys boy, always staying late on Sundays to help after church. One day he never made it back, I hope he's doing well maybe he just got too close. Anyway, I like ribs and this app can bring em to me and my darling Gerald. 5 star

I haven't had a problem with it yet. I always choose from the under 30 minute section and its perfect. Omg

Very frustrating to use! Does not allow any other payment method other than PayTM Just wow

Lovin' the app. Had the concern about specific order. They made sure it's solved with the restaurant. I just hope there's a way to search what type of food you like. Like searching for Asian food or something. Not bad

I can't apply coupon.It always says you have invited other person with this promotion. Surprisingly

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