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Great App overall, but had an unfortunate bug where it didn't register the other half of my pizza order. Ended up having an embarrassing conversation with the establishment when the App was the real problem. Will change review once my problem is solved. Not bad

Overall the app is good. But some problems in payment methods. The phone hangs only when this app is open in the background. Please fix these bugs. Brilliant

Very easy to use and works flawlessly have enjoyed using this app many times.THX Great job

Quick service and a convenience to moms that can not really run out all the time. Drivers are polite and friendly. Muito bom!

I like the ease of ordering, but find the prices a bit high at some restaurants compared to eating there. Not sure if this is because of a mark up! Also, the restaurants give a specific from/to time of open, but then that restaurant is not available at that time on the app. This is an important feature and the glitch needs to be fixed. Also Uber Eats need to communicate with restaurants about quality of orders and paying attention to details. Four out of 5 restaurants could not even follow simple instructions like medium cooked steaks or following requests for a cup of ice when ordering a drink. Works perfectly

I really like this app, I recently broke my right ankle.. so eather I cook my food while keeping my foot elevated on crutches or just order it! But the only thing is that it took 45 minutes to get McDonald's. Given the one that "Uber eats" offers is about 15 minutes away, but there is one about 5 minutes away? So I don't know but the food was still warm so not too much of a problem for me! Amazing!

Awesome delivery service. Always on point with the orders and the drivers are very kind and courteous. I make sure to always too them as they are always driving their car, wasting their gas to insure I get fed Superb!

I'm not a huge fan of Uber, but UberEats is fantastic! For my area, it is much faster and lower markup when compared against DoorDash Perfect

Provides a more comprehensive menu with similar prices found at the restaurant when compared to other delivery apps. Great customer service when dealing with orders that were prepared incorrectly. Go well

Could be cheaper, but good. However the recent update seemed to remove the display that showed what a restaraunts hours were. This is ridiculous, I looked at that every time I ordered anything. Worth a go!

Its just ok. Could be the restaurants we order from ..the instore menu has more variety than the menu on the app. That's stupid..and defeats the purpose Pretty good

Good service. If only it supported UPI like Uber does, it would have been perfect Superb!

Need to let us order from more than one spot at a time . When merchant doesn't fulfill the order the client is forced to wait a few days for refund... it would be good I they gave in a credit so we can order somewhere else. Not s simple task but great idea o believe Great!

Excellent service, only problem is many of the booking fees for the restaurants are $6 or more, which is higher than some of the other food delivery services. I used to use the app often, now I can't afford to. At first, booking fees were 3.99 for my favorite restaurants, but now they are $5 typically. I've even seen them up to $15, even though they are supposed to be based on location and these are close by. When delivery cost is more than the meal, it's just too much. Awesome

I like the ease of ordering, but find the prices a bit high at some restaurants. Not sure if this is because of a mark up! Also, the restaurants give a specific from to time of open, but then that restaurant is not available. This is an important feature and really needs to be fixed becaus this is very disorganized and inconvenient. Highly Recommend.

Some of the restaurants leave out certain things on the menu like spur leaving out their healthy wrap, we then have to use Mr delivery. Would also be nice to add like a garage for sigarettes and random top ups. Good

SkipTheDishes is better as they have far better/cheaper delivery rates and many times free delivery after u meet a certain amount of $ on ur order. Update: Response to Ubereats' comment: Have u not read me review? Please read above carefully before spewing generic responses. Recommend

My husband and I have been waiting years for Uber Eats to pick up in El Paso! Not only that but the avialable restaurants and fast food options continues to grow! Overall app itself is user friendly and provides accurate tracking information. Fantastic

A lot of the times the uber drivers or riders look nothing like their photos which is extremely weird, once I had a dude who had a dp of a lady. Also the app says their on a bicycle when they turn up in a car or on a motorbike. Really weird. Marvelous

If you drive semi or just want something other than normal delivery this is the service for you! I had McDonald's delivered, Hooters wings, a few items being stuck at a dock! Communication with the driver helps! He or she will get to you! Works perfectly

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