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Half the time they forget EXACTLY what you ordered. Been trying to fix where I want my food delivered in settings and won't let me!! Fabulous!

It's OK! My only issues are there aren't many options for take-out food and once you place an order they take the money even if the restaurant cancels. But refunds are promt (3 days max) wow lol

Ubereats is convienant for when your stuck at work and cant sneak away for lunch or when you get home after a long day. There have been mess ups on orders but if ypu contact customer support they are then happy to find a solution. Only down side is more selection in my area. Great job

My Biggest problem is there isnt anything you can do if the DRIVER messes up. I had over half my order (a second bag) not dropped off and the driver bolted as fast as he could. Tried to conplain on the app and they didnt have that option and said they would notify the store of the error. The store actually remade the whole order for me. Other that that issue ive done just fine with this app. Works perfectly

The app is great. There have been a couple times when I order breakfast from McD's but receive a completely wrong order. Completely unsure if that is the app messing up or the staff, so I'm rating this a 5 because those issues are so very few and far between. love it

Used for over a year. Only complaint is food is to easy to order. I have handed the phone to my wife a few times and one of us has accidentally placed the order. Uber car service requires you to confirm your ride... You need to add that for food delivery!!! Awesome

Its a good app when Uber Eats actually has drivers for delivery. Latley nobody is working around lunch time and you end up cancelling your order and missing lunch. Uber Eats should show cars in the area like Uber does that way you can tell if you are going to get food or not. Plus when you call Uber Eats you get people from the Philippines who don't care. Works great

I only use ubereats when I don't want to get out of bed, many times they messed up my order. Either they completely leave out something, send the wrong food or don't make the modifications I requested. One time I ordered from this restaurant that made me sick. I told uber and the restaurant and every time they say the same thing... I'm sorry, we're going to inform the restaurant, next time will be better. They never give a refund. I don't know if its like this all over but this is my experience in Tampa. 5 star

I am not able to login..the app isnt processing with my mobile number.... why is it so? Is it because i have uninstall my app for sm time ? The app isnt processing previous logged in mobile number but picking up new mobile number...thats not done...plz fix Just wow

Nice app. Love that its fast and theres no minimum order. I just wish there were more healthier Vegan options for food. Omg

Credit card or debit card payment is not getting added. It's coming as Saving card details and immediately removing card details. Please resolve it. Also adding two or three address. There is options to add multiple addresses, whereas swiggy gives that option. Kindly resolve these 2 issues alone. Other than that would give 5 star, resolve it to recommend more. wow lol

The app itself is great, but learning that our order is delayed as it's being delivered by bike is frustrating. Of the time estimate isn't accurate at all, and our food arrives cold, the experience is dampened. Go well

Love this app! Convenient but I wish they had a larger variety of local restaurants in midtown Fabulous!

It was all good until the app tried to send the offer to my house. Barely 3 minutes to change the location took the money and I can't get the money back. So quick to take but won't give a refund. I even called the store Enjoy it!

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Very good and helpful in emergency & when you want something different at a time. Works great

App works well. Good performance and convenient use of notifications for delivery updates. Much better at food delivery status than competing food delivery apps, IMO. The service itself is also great. For me, they deliver from much farther away than any of the other competing services. Not sure how they do it, but I'm not complaining. 5 star

Best app as offers fast delivery,no delay and faults in cancellation and payments,nice staff..overall best food delivery app. Great job

The only thing i found was gps isnt spot on and there is an extra hidden fee not shown up front Perfect!

My only problem with the app is the drivers. Whether dropping off other orders along the way and adding more time to an already late order, or spilling the food all over the bag because they don't care..., I just wish there were better drivers Worth a go!

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