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My only real problem is that the driver's never read/follow the notes or check that everything I ordered is there. Regular occurrence, with several drivers. Otherwise app is wonderful. Marvelous

I've only been using this app for a week and so far I am not complaining. The order gets to me on time! Go well

Overall nice. It would be great if you could move the pin to adjust for errors with Google maps, something that is a major pain for us and the folks that deliver to us. But overall, smooth, snappy and easy. Just wow

It's ok but for those who like to order late at night, the availability is limited. On the other hand, a restaurant near my place has cheaper prices in their flyer and double prices pizza toppings in the app. That gets you a real bad user/customer experience. Last but not least, the fees may vary but Jesus, a place with $15 delivery fee??! Wt... Not bad

I love that I can have my food delivered fresh and hot - french fries are still crispy Fabulous!

App continues to have issues where i have to constantly reverify who i am. Uninstall and reinstall so many times. Done with this. 5 star

Great app love it on those lazy days. But you guys need a wider range of delivery. There are plenty of restaurants around the Pasadena and Galena Park areas. How is it that you don't deliver here Worth it!

I love using UberEats, it's really easy and my food usually comes quickly, I don't recommend it for anyone who wants to order food super late night cuz they seem to have a harder time finding drivers, but it's pretty great any other time of day and you can usually learn quickly where to and where not to order from when it comes to good and bad orders. Overall wonderful app Recommend

Easy to use. Love how it maps the trip like the normal uber app. Overall, just a real handy app (especially when it's a cold rainy day!!) wow lol

So far I love this app! It's a bit pricey but cheaper than doordash. I have no problems so far. Great job

Delivery charges fluctuate, occasionally something's not delivered. Meaning something's missing from your order and no one goes back and get it for you. You just dispute it and hope they return your money Good

Helps me to get rid of my hunger. Real time delivery and options being added daily. Fantastic

Have not had any drama. Keeps recommending restaurants as my favourites even though I gave those places one star so obviously not super accurate but food arrives when I order it. No complaints Well done!!

Would be 5* if there was an updated GPS for Uber drivers. Nobody can find my place of work so I have to use a nearby address and hope they read the extra notes. Flawless

Uber eats has upped my lunch game. Restaraunts that I didn't even know existed are now available to me. Any craving I've had has been satiated. The price, well worth it. You have to be a responsible budgeter as you will see a 6 dollar increase on your bill easy to accommodate for the delivery, but man oh man is it worth it. Not bad

Great app. Only reason I can't give it all 5 stars is because whatever algorithm you guys use to decide if I'm within delivery range for any particular place is just off. There is a pizza joint right up the road from my work that I like. I cannot order from it from my work. But if I am home(which is 4miles further away) I can.... Doesn't make sense. Works perfectly

Food has had a terrible rep with actually showing up. Driver must have delivered to the wrong house even though I put the same address down twice once in the description and one in the notes. This is unacceptable. You can't even talk to a customer sales rep Works great

The tax is alittle high, bad enough I feel obligated to tip in addition to that. Would give 5 stars if every order was on point and accurate but I know that's not y'all fault. Just wish there was a way ubereats could double check if everything you ordered is in the bag because us customers pay a lot of money to use this service. Great job

Uber eats is an awesome idea. The only issue I have is customer service. If we wait over 20 mins for a restaurant to deny the order, there should be some thing or someone to apologize that this has happened. At least to make hangry customers feel better. (Or make it easy to complain about/to a restaurant) Well done!!

Lub! GrubHub is the worst. It used to the the only game in town, and great, but it ain't so any longer. After I threw down recently on an almost 60 dollar ruined Indian lunch and they offered me a 5 dollar coupon, I left and never looked back. I love this app so much!!! It's great. Loving it so much! I can even get McD's if I'm being that fat and lazy. This is terrifico! Could not be more genius! Flawless

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