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Easy to make healthier delivery choices with so many more restaurants to choose from, and clear and helpful menus organization Well done!!

It's very convenient. It's just the 4.99 delivery fee and if it's busy they had even more on top of that. Pretty good

Honestly, I have screenshots of this, but why would the restaurant take my order and start preparing it without updating the estimated time it should arrive? The order is picked up by 9:30 and the app announced my order should arrive at 9:32, which is impossible. I appreciate the tracking once the order is picked up by the driver, but honestly Skip the Dishes has a better app. 5.99 for delivery is also insane. Marvelous

The app is easy to use. However, restaurants the I know offer delivery thru Uber Eats in Wylie and surrounding areas, and that my neighbors can order from, I cannot order from using Uber Eats. It is funny how Golden Chick and McDonald's are right next door to one another and I can order Golden Chick but not McDonald's. Or how I can order from places in Garland but not Rowlett. Fix this problem and I would rate it higher. Must have

There should be a way to know if your order is going to take significantly longer than estimated. Most of the time if I had known it was going to be an extra half an hour I would have rather cook at home. Amazing!

Just a little too glitchy. Shuts down numerous times after numerous attempts at ordering - to the point that my stomach is growling & it is already time for dinner before it decides to cooperate. Don't mess w/ my money & don't mess w/ my food. But other than that, food's always great & still warm or cold when I get it bc the drivers are right on time every time! I love being able to track as it happens. That is just an awesome feature! Thanks ! Cool

In my experience, the app is okay. But, however the delivery radius is calculated doesn't make sense. I'll try to order from restaurants in my town that are open and the app will tell me that I'm too far from the store for my order to go through. I don't understand how one day I'm able to order and the next day I'm too far. This issue is consistent and I'll call the stores in particular to check if they're delivering to my area and they'll say yes . I contacted support and they told me that delivery radiuses get adjusted. I mean pizza restaurants deliver to the same towns consistently and have areas they won't deliver to it doesn't make sense for places 5 mins away by drive to suddenly stop delivering to me. Perfect

$5 booking fee is a bit stupid, anytime I use it I'm stuck at my store or I can't leave. I would love to tip the driver more, but I'm already paying $5 for an electronic service. The in App notifications are nice, but sometimes it allows you get all the way to checkout before telling you it's not available for whatever reason. Amazing!

Ubereats is the best app ever. I don't even care that they charge a $5 fee... and sometimes they surge an additional $3.50 if it's a "busy area"... They do things that Grubhub just can't do. I mean, McDonald's delivered to Bensonhurst? Yes, please! The app itself works awesome & has pictures... tracking just like Uber. It's downright wonderful. Awesome

We've ordered through Uber Eats several times and have never had a major problem. Delivery is always on time or, better yet, well before the estimated time. Once there was an item missing from the order and they promptly gave me a credit. The only complaint I have would be the $4.99 delivery fee. It is more expensive than many of the other services in my area but the great service kind of balances it out. Works perfectly

Awesome selection, great interface, and reasonable prices. Only issue is some restaurants don't offer their regular items or combos such as Original Tommy's Hamburgers not having any combos or beverages other than bottled drinks. Great job

Can be good. Bit doesn't allow for notes. And if driver goes awol then your food gets cold and delayed out of your control Good

The app is beneficial, but I am not sure why it only delivers certain places. I can't deliver to my job, but I can deliver next door! IRRITATING! Great!

I like it except for when the restaurant cancels the order. They don't send you a notification to say it's been cancelled. This has happened to me 3x. I never find out that it's canceled until it's time for delivery and I don't get a call from the driver. And, it doesn't show you which menu items the restaurant has ran out of. The only way you figure that out is by realizing that the item won't load into your cart. Fantastic

Not being able to leave work to get food is a killer, so this app really helps me be able to have a balanced diet with the variety of choices in the area. Can't believe I put off using this for so long. Well done!!

Excellent app. But the process for reporting an undelivered item should be incorporated into the app and not involve a phone call. Also, credit for missed items should include free delivery in case you want to re-order. Finally, the rating of service on delivery should not just be thumbs up/down. Star rating allows for more nuance. Highly Recommend.

Reason for not giving 5 stars is that the algorithm used to estimate delivery time needs some work. Always receiving food later than expected. Also work a bit on the actual location of the driver... Often inaccurate. Otherwise I like it. Wouldn't hurt to add ratings to meals for others to see. Superb!

I've actually enjoyed using the UberEATS app so far. The process is painless and much faster than similar regional apps, and it's streamlined with the restaurants which makes it all go faster. My only gripe is that there's not much you can do if the quality of the food is not good. On similar apps you'll get a credit to use on another order, which mollifies me and assures me that the company is looking for the best quality for customers. Having a feature like that would certainly make bad ordering experiences better for disgruntled customers. Omg

Very few options and bad organized. Also when I had to contact my driver the call was redirected to someone else's line. Should have an option to add notes before the pickup but after the order was placed. Worst timing calculation. Worth a go!

This app is dangerously convenient. There's great food and the variety makes you want to try something new, but the delivery costs can get expensive. Occasionally, the driver will forget an item, but uber is quick to refund you or correct their mistake. Overall a great app. love it

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