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Confused Only downloaded after the 50% off incentive and didn't receive discount. Also there is no way to cancel after placing orders outside of instant, you have to email and so far hasn't been timely. So not I'm stick paying $20 not including gratuity... Lame Highly Recommend.

New choices, same awesome service! The new version of the app brings way more options to choose from while still keeping the instant delivery if you don't have time to wait. Love the choice between speed from set restaurants and more choice if I'm willing to be patient! Well done!!

Very limited delivery area in Los Angeles Although the app and website claims that Uber eats is available "throughout Los Angeles, that claim is a gross overstatement. While I can't agree with a previous review that "Burbank is Los Angeles" (no), I definitely do live in Los Angeles, not a sub neighborhood or nearby town and it is not available. They should be more upfront about the limited availability while they are clearly still rolling the service out. Waste of my time fiddling with the app and website faqs. Works great

Love it! UberEats is a huge hit in my office. There are times that the food is not hot when it arrives, and there can sometimes be challenges with it finding a driver, but it sure beats the food court. Pretty good

sunday trip very fair pricing and refunded my order when i was not happy it is an! amazing app Marvelous

Best Decision Ever No hassle. No worries. $10 lunches from fantastic restaurants in 30 mins or less!! Surprisingly

Being charged delivery fee? I was told this was a free delivery app however I'm charged $5 for every order. Also I am not able to find it access my first time order $10 off thing. How do you apply it to your order? Not bad

Small tweaks, but over all awesome! The map function can be glitchy, and I've had a couple weird experiences with the drivers but overall I love this app. I also commend Uber for being so proactive in fixing any issues as soon as they are aware of them. Works perfectly

Great support! I gave them a one star a few days ago complaining "there's no search results for Vegan!!", and just about now I figured they added 'Vegan' as a new category! Thanks ;) Highly Recommend.

Only an issue once.. I've ordered from UE many times and only had an issue once where the driver was in an accident. The food was returned to the restaurant and after sending a request, my money returned to my account. Otherwise all is well.. Great job

Garbage Disappearing orders, no customer service and no follow-up. What a joke. Perhaps you could forget about delivering food and focus on moving people. Luckily I know how to cook or else I might have starved waiting for my non-existent yet confirmed order. Deleting this app now. wow lol

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