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Awesome Several restaurants to choose from, good menu selection, fast delivery. I couldn't order, pick it up, and be home for cheaper. This is cheaper and faster. Surprisingly

Food allergy awarness It would really helpful if there were some type of way to know what is inside the food. I was looking into an empanada place and I wanted to know if there was any onions in them (allergic). If there is a way to check what is inside it would be super helpful Pretty good

Buggy but uber resolved quickly I got an email saying I would get $10 off my first order, but it charged me full price. I also can't view my previous order information and therefore can't report this issue. Update: Uber resolved my issue with a refund. Thanks. I still have concerns about the functionality of the app however. Well done!!

A little buggy right now Loading bugs out when starting app sometimes and loading a closed restaurant sometimes messes up application state so it loads forever. Had to close app and reopen to get away from loading screen. Haven't gotten to try the service yet. Flawless

Uber eats rocks Love this app! The list of restaurants is amazing, the wait time is spot on, and friendly Uber driver's. What more can you ask for?!!!!?!!!!!! Worth a go!

Update Multiple issues between app and service. Edit 4/3/16- gave another chance, still unimpressed, but moving from 1 go 2 stars. Edit 4/29 - used last remaining credits. Service is OK, but app is still lacking. If using credits or promos/discounts, you can't see the final price till after you order. Hopefully this will be fixed in the future. Just wow

Good start but can be buggy Overall it's a good, clean app and I like the way the restaurants are listed. The only problem is sometimes I have tried to order and it doesn't go through but nothing really happens. Case in point a few weeks ago I had to hit three restaurants until I was finally able to get an order through. Growing pains I am sure but once the order placed everything worked well. Omg

Where it is available, it's great I can order at work but not at home. I quite like the roaming dishes - available faster and from restaurants that may not otherwise be offered in my area, like Seoul Sausage and Grub. The dishes I've had from the roaming food carts have been warm and fresh and worth the order. It's a crap shoot what's on offer, but if it suits your mood it's great. Could be more timely, but all in all not bad. Muito bom!

Tip You should always tip your driver. Sometimes they drive 15-20 minutes just to pickup your order and deliver it 2-5 minutes to you only to get $4 for their efforts. PLEASE TIP YOUR DRIVER like you tip the pizza man or any other delivery service. 5 star

Good Choices The convenience is awesome. Would do 5 stars but did haven1 driver get lost and one cancelled because restaurant was late with order. Overall great experience. Well done!!

Perfect This is the best thing for busy days at work when you don't have enough time to go out and enjoy something or just a day when you forget your lunch and it's raining.. Perfect

How can I work for Uber? I absolutely love Uber Everything and I hope to reach out to Uber in Toronto. I have some innovative ideas for Uber Marvelous

Out of selection Tried to order different entrées on a Thursday noon time. They were out but good price, excellent service. Fabulous!

Unable to sign in I would love the app if I could only sign in through my Google account, like I did with the normal Uber app. Must have

The restaurants available in the Dallas market are awesome. the wait times are very similar to that of ordering a pizza but it is delicious. Great!

Nothing bad to say! Fast delivery and lots of great local options. Perfect when it's a busy day at work and I don't have time to sneak away for lunch! Brilliant

Needs some work Previously, each meal had a description, a realistic pic, and a price. You could see this info without having to click. Now you just see the restaurant name and an unhelpful pic. Also, why do you grey - out restaurants that are closed? Why is that info you think I need, and not a meal description or price? I'll stick with the Web desktop site for now. Worth a go!

Not in My Area Yet Why roll it out if it's not available yet in many areas? Wait until you have your sh*t together, Uber. Brilliant

Uber Yum! Uber yay! I love Uber Eats Toronto. The app makes ordering food super easy, AND I have discovered a number of places I never knew existed. The time it saves me is worth the extra fees. Not bad

High quality food instantly! My go to lunch spot is now on my phone screen =) great selection of a variety of restaurants, quick delivery and awesome food! Great!

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