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Only gave a 4 cos half the time my food is delivered via bicycle so me food is delivered cold-ish. Other than that, still a great app Muito bom!

I love this app. I've never had an issue with anything. All the drivers have followed my direction instructions perfectly and they're always smiling and nice. Also, in response to these people getting push about a food order issue. It tells you explicitly that this app is in charge of delivery. If there's a food problem that's on your restaurant. Works great

Customer service is awesome. Each time I've ordered, I've had a good experience. The only thing is a lot of the restaurants in my area are unavailable, and all of the restaurants in my area that use ubereats do not show up in my selections. Flawless

The best part is, it is totally GPS based, unlike SWIGGY, where you will have to write the address and 45% of their delivery people will neither read it nor have the simplest idea of how to use GPS on Google Maps. A very good competitor for SWIGGY, as Uber is also maintaining their own delivery folks and delivery is location tracking based. Worth it!

There isn't much to say. it's a pretty app and it works well. I actually used the free McDonald's delivery and then there was a delay and got free food!! I will use this all the time now. Must have

The app itself is great but I have had two orders rejected without reason. A different restuarant accepted my order afterward. And I know its not a money issue. The app should let you know why the order ia not accepted. 5 star

Always seem to be missing something in my order .if its not one thing its the other. But over all a great app to have if looking for a quick bite and dont want to leave the house. Well done!!

Long time postmates opinion of them now reflects the delivery drivers versus actual company. I switched to Uber Eats and am happy. For the most past their delivery is cheaper and is up front versus PM. The drivers I have had all bring the food up to my office versus calling from downstairs wanting me to meet them. I'm only on the 4th floor and drivers can park for free, right out front. It is so easy yet somehow PM drivers always acted as if I was imposing on them doing their job. I have not had that issue with UE and will continue using. Pretty good

I haven't had any issues with Uber Eats! Love that it allows you to tip after delivery Good

Takes a lot of time to deliver. Shows incorrect status in the app that food is being prepared though the reason for the delay is that the delivery guy not assigned. Ice cream preparation took almost half an hour in my order. Recommend

Lazy people no longer have to eat the some goddamn meals recreated over dozens of half arsed takeaway joints. Not to say those places arent still available. Muito bom!

Yeah pretty good I've been unable to figure out the competition apps. Couldn't work the other apps. Superb!

I really like the app, but UBER EATS needs to improve on the GPS locator and add real time location so that the delivery guy know exactly where you are waiting for him or her like on the regular UBER app. Thank You and I Love UBER!!! wow lol

made my first couple of uber eats and so far I'm super impressed. order, get delivery to the door, nothing more. just a shame s9me of my favourite digs not in here yet! Great job

Uber eats is a good app with clear visuality of things. But I want Uber to create there own payment things rather than using paytm. As paytm is asking for kyc and not completing it.I am unable to add my card to Uber eats to do payment . Would request to improve on these Omg

The only issue is with the restaurants not getting the orders right occasionally, or the drivers being incompetent or not checking the order before leaving the restaurant! Overall, I use this app multiple times a week. Uber is changing the way we eat food and how we are able to eat whatever we want nearby, without leaving your home! The next step has to be Uber Groceries, Uber Liquors, ect. The ideas are limitless! Awesome

Awesome. Pizza used to be the only thing we could get delivered. Now we are given the choice to have our favorite food brought right to our door. Simple and effective too. 5/5 star app and service. Perfect

I'm upset that I wasn't able to leave my delivery driver a tip. Scott deserved at least 20-30%. Flawless

Very simple to use. Find a restaurant, select the entree and order. You have a graphical view of the order progress even seeing the driver profile and his location. Enjoy it!

Great app with beautiful photography and lots of quick delivery options. My only request is that they make the app UI nicer and more fluid like it is on the iPhone. Perfect!

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