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TYT FOR BREAKFAST! Took a star away... You had a video saying you updated... But there's still no videos or updates...

Awesome but Four missing features. 1. There isn't a way to share the video clips. 2. It would be great if people with big tablets could watch a clip while browsing the other clips. 3. An ability to cast a clip to Chromecast. 4. Playlist creation which would go great with number 2 above. Perfect!

Great start I really like being able to have these videos in one place at anytime. I do believe that the app is lacking in features. I would like the app the be more interactive. Good

Future of voting We have apps for every aspect of our daily lives. Why not have a app for voting. People would have no excuse for not taking 5 mins to vote ^_^ great job on your app Omg

TYT App It installed fine on my Samsung S3 running Android 4.3. BUT .. I don' t see any of the feedback and personalization features mentioned in Cenk's video announcing the app. PLUS there is a message from YouTube device support saying that a new version of YouTube is coming out and your app is not compatible. This may be a warning rather than an error message since the videos to seem to work fine. A good start though I won't consider a better rating until these issues are fixed or clarified. Cool

OK Drop it The previous apps UI was terrible and boring, this app is more intuitive and easy on the eyes. Seems all the videos are current too. Fabulous!

Much Improved I rated the app a one star when i downloaded it a while ago but i gave it another shot today and it is much more enhanced and runs smoother. Fantastic

Great app! If it had chromecast integration I'd throw up that fifth star. So much more simple than digging through my YouTube subscriptions Awesome

Looks good Love tyt, I'm a paid member, totally worth the $10 a month, keep up the good work Muito bom!

Really well done I probably won't use YouTube anymore on my phone to watch TYT because all the videos are right on the app. You also get updates and you can check out any tyt show like "The point". Really well layed out to. Enjoy it!

LOVE LOVE TYT NETWORKS Excellent way you present up-to- the date videos..outstanding extras..Comedy and Sports..and Love Nerd Alert!! Thank You TYT Networks..I am spoiled now..Excellent job!!!!! Perfect

It's not bad, but.. As I get more into TYT I find the app a little lacking. I wish it would have shortlinks to tweet them individually or to #TYTlive, I wish it had customizable notifications, and I seriously wish it included video descriptions and source links. However, it remains a good fan app. Marvelous

works well on my google tv Youtube app crashes on my google tv sometimes and it's very annoying, this app does not crash while watching tyt. Excellent. Only wish i could like the youtube videos from within app. Highly Recommend.

Live stream fail Live stream still doesn't work. Which I don't understand why it still hasn't been fixed. At least it updates videos. Kudos on that but plz fix live stream Recommend

Works as intended! I really enjoy this app. It works as you would expect, which is quite appreciated considering the quality of many others. TYT gives a liberal heavy opinion. However,the truth is reported and the ridiculousness of the contemporary world is called out.

#live-wallpaper Nice but can't change screens! It's a nice app with a spiffy layout. Access to the latest videos and organizes by TYT channel type. One big issue: I cannot change screens or put my screen to sleep without the video stopping. It even has to rebuffer to play again. Limits how and where you can use the app as a result. EDIT: It is in fact an issue with YouTube videos and not the app itself. 5 stars from me.

Fantastic! Finally there is a clean, efficient, and fully functional app for TYT. I hope they can promote this because it is awesomely done. HD Youtube vids look great on the embeded player. Has the whole network included. LG Nitro HD.. Recommend to get TYT Network APK.

#travel-guide Excellent app! This app is great. Tried it just now, as I love TYT, and everything is updated and works. Tweets, video, and live scheduling. Way better than official app. I am not affiliated with this app in any way, but I do recommend it highly.

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