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Hey Teach Me How To Fix The Problem Everytime I Import A Txd It Always Said Unexpected Error Please Respond To Me And Teach Me How To Fix ASAP! Fabulous!

very nice update! way fewer crashes app is a lot more stable now. kudos to the developer for constantly trying to improve this app. nice job Cool

been wanting a text editor for android for years so its nice to finally have one. however this app crashes like crazy even on small texture files, is very buggy, and not very user friendly. needs some work, but its nice to be able to work with txd even if this app is limited as to what u can actually do. looking forward to improvements Brilliant

Please Fix So Txd Can Be Imported With Big Size Not Above 7mb And Force Close..Thank You.. Enjoy it!

Please fix FORCE CLOSE when import txd Im use kitkat 4.4.2 Still fc when import any txd Please Fix it Omg

Please fix it again there are some txd above 7mb up and after that happens force close app, but it's working nice :D Works perfectly

Thank you so much for making TXD on Android. We been waiting this for about 3 years and it is finally here. This app is so much useful for import texture for skin Great job

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