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I was having fun and then... the game said I'd have to pay more money to continue playing. So, I quit the game, had to start playing the game a second time because there was no option to chooses review. I wanted to make sure I warn people that Alawar Entertainment Inc. Are shady in business. I would never recommend this game creator to neither friend nor foe. When I buy games once, I Don expect to pay again and again; that isn't an enjoyable experience. Well done!!

What the hell right after I paid for the game my phone died and the game restarted. I got to a certain point and it wanted me to pay for it again! No way!! Guess I won't be playing it anymore! That's just bad business. Good

The storyline in this job is amazing! Great job with that Alwar. It's even scary. The graphics are great and it doesn't have a map and its not really needed tho. The download offers worked for me so I got to play the game completely free. I'm actually getting use to the system. You have to download apps thru the offerwall only and run til you check missing chapters on chrome and it says completed. Then make sure you can go to the next chapter for free and they're you go. I really enjoy the free offer system. This game is definitely a thriller. It reminds me of Shutter Island. The ending definitely throws you in for a loop. Very clever Alwar! 5stars all the way!!☺ Pretty good

I'm so confused! First, this is an older game so no collectibles or teleportion map. However, there isn't your normal back and forth so it's not to bad. However, I read the diary and kept thinking there would be a clear ending. Nope, still confused. Also, was more expensive then most Alawar games and was shorter. This sucks! Perfect!

It's spectacular. An incredible game and it's like watching a good movie. Very intriguing story and nice gameplay Well done!!

I'd like it even more if Hints were disabled. I accidentally tapped the button twice. It's a huge, inconveniently placed button. Surprisingly

Awesome Just started playing today. I'm enjoying playing the game. Please keep up the great work you are doing. 5 star

Great Love that it follows on from twisted lands just hope i get to play the whole game without having to pay as my account never works when i buy a game it never works.... so ive stopped wasting money only 2 games ive ever been truly engrossed in.....,brilliant just hope it is free Surprisingly

Twisted lands insomniac So much fun I could not put it down. Scary enough to be fun yet hard enough to be challenging. Great story line and well connected. Alawar has some great games but I highly recommend this one. You won't be disappointed! Flawless

Fun and challenging. Decent length and storyline. Bonus chapter was short and ended abruptly on a cliffhanger, presumably to lead into the next installment in the series. wow lol

The game was cool but after spending 3 dollars I would have hoped the bonus chapter was included. Brilliant

Twisted lands Great game lots of puzzles great story.great graphics. Really enjoyed more please Enjoy it!

I was really enjoying this game was right into it then you get to a level almost completed it then you have to buy the next part of the game that's so unfair as when I downloaded the game it said it was free if that's the case why do you have to pay just about to install the game very disappointed as I was really enjoying it but only play free games if it was free would have gave it 5stars + Just wow

Seems dated It's just OK - the game's design and gameplay are dated compared to other games that are out now. I'm glad I could play for free before buying!

Good Good game, easy to move around, short try & buy in my opinion, wouldn't purchase to unlock at that price, sorry.

So far it's good Just started playing & don't want to stop but I need to. Still just keep playing! Using items found is too easy to figure out how to use. Good story line, keeps you going. Puzzles a challenge, but solvable. Haven't gotten hopelessly stuck yet. Graphics, sound effects, music all done well. Hope it stays this satisfying as I continue.

First time First Alawar game I've rated less than 5. Had to use too many hints because of the fog and the story line was a little loose. Also too much wandering because things to do were closer than the places the hints made you go first.

Completely free! I played the whole game without having to pay for it! Game was a little long winded at times with almost too many options (sometimes felt like a chore). All in all good point and click with some very unneeded, but well done hidden object minis.

Its NOT FREE It says that the game is free, but in reality it is not. I played the 1st chapter it was pretty interesting but then it asked me to buy or earn. When I click on earn it freezes my cell.

Twisted lands insomniac So much fun I could not put it down. Scary enough to be fun yet hard enough to be challenging. Great story line and well connected. Alawar has some great games but I highly recommend this one. You won't be disappointed!

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