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I don't remember when I downloaded this cool app, but I haven't uninstalled it ever since. I love the work. Recommend

Unable to use finger print to unlock afterwards, otherwise it's a lightweight app that does its job. Just wow

Perfect app to save your power button from getting damaged. But finger print doesn't work to open the phone . The device gets locked by admin Amazing!

Beautiful app works well with my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. Using since 3-4 months. No ads Enjoy it!

Turns off screen and locks phone without having to use and wear out power button. I don't have a fingerprint phone so works perfect for me! love it

Very simple app, turns off screen, and locks phone, and has no ads. But there's one problem, fingerprint reader won't unlock screen. When turning off screen with this app. Great job

Turns off the screen backlight, doesn't just turn all pixels to black, which makes it well suited to LCD screens. Recommend

Perfection Wow, wow, wow... It's perfect! Only flaw is the whiting out before screen shuts off, bummer Just wow

I used to like the app, I prefer to tap the screen to let it goes off instead push a button, but I bought the S8 and when I use this app I cannot use biometrics to unlock the phone, it asks for a pin, so, not willing to use it anymore as Iris scan is so easy Flawless

I want screen off only I don't wanna lock mobile after screen off. It overwrite the smark lock setting, which annoys me. Pretty good

4 stars Would be 5 but....can we customise size and especially colour....I struggle to see it Omg

Perfect Light and effective hope you develope one to wake up the screen instead of power button Perfect

Anh Tao ơi em chọn app vì đơn giản và icon đẹp, nhưng a có thể làm icon nhỏ hơn chút xíu nữa được ko như thế sẽ tăng tính thẩm mỹ của home screen :) Must have

Works Fine Good App. Created two icons, both difficult to see. And no settings to change the icon. Go well

Simple & honest Does what it says and most importantly it doesn't ask for unnecessary permissions unlike other similar apps. Amazing!

Perfect! I use a waterproof case so theres no way to press off on my screen so this is my new way! Great!

Should not lock screen Nice App. Works perfectly, except that it locks the screen whilst turning it off. Works great

Suggestion though.. Instead of whiting out before hand. Change it to black so it gives the impression that it's 'fading' off. Having it white makes the transition jarring.

Please Make A Version of This for Menu Button! I could really use this in "Menu Button" form, too. This one has been great. Thanks.

Works great! Using on my car Android player which has forced always on, which isn't great for driving at night. This solved that! :)

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