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Keep crashing :( This app has everything I'm looking for.. but keeps crashing all the time.. If I move to another app and come back to TurboIRC it is impossible to take back control... No way to terminate the session either! Please fix it! Muito bom!

Works Well Does what it needs to, works well, and above all else, supports DCC in an actual manageable manner. The only thing that confused me a bit was that it seems to have obfuscated the DCC filename once completed, but that'll only really be an issue if downloading multiple things at once with the same file extension, which I doubt I'll be doing on any Android device. love it

Alittle better Still the best free irc app out there. Still crashes. Cant be on more than 1 irc net at a time. Still cant dcc send anything without it crashing. Would be great if it had DCC chat option to it. Perfect

Great app Does what it needs to do and nothing more. I love the feature where if you click on the ad it dissapears for the rest of the session. Simple and easy to use app. Just wow

Working with development support team. The service for this client is good and prompt. I will have more to say upon usage of the application and it's features. Surprisingly

Great program, friendly developer Ive helped walk micheal through a bug in this program. It is one of the best irc clients for ease of use, channel surfing and multiple queries Great job

Good but.. Its only good irc but i dont know if im the only one who has the one bug when is lock screen, for a short time when i unlock mobile my turboirc apears only white screen and i must force stop bcs i cant do anything.. im using galaxy note 2 Great!

The one DCC WORKS!! But Resoluted Filename Isn't Original .. Some Multi Instances Bug .. Bottom line despite Few bugs Its The Best Out there Omg

#irc-client The best one out there! It's very useful, has the servers listed and allows transfers. The only bad thing is that is ugly, especially the buttons, I hope you can improve that. I also wish the ad would be smaller, If possible. Anyway, great job

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