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It's very useful don't take that long for my first time using it but we will see Perfect

Very fast, but too many ads, and notifications. It is causing my phone to get hot. Awesome

Great app it's made my phone like new and super quick. It's surprising how much unseen junk piles up and slows thing down. Brilliant

Phones keeps freezing please can u fix this app making da phone freeze over all gd app Perfect

The turbo cleaner was pretty neat like I was like this won't work until i realized all my apps where going even faster than before i was holy comoly this app does work i squealed for 2 hours i thought in my simply world pt thiiis won't work why even try ugh. most apps don't work but this one did.. thanks Works great

Im happy so far, im always sceptical,but this app has showed me it really works.Please try it, you'll be very satisfied. Thank you Now since ive been using this app it's got better, so keep up the good work. And I'm still very happy. So please keep up the terrific work. Great Job Surprisingly

It is a very efficient and useful app. It is also a very good cleaner and the best booster, but I hate the ads (too many). But still, keep up the good work! Omg

Awesome app,nice efficiency in cleaning,and i impressed for its special features app also good.ovaroll out of 10 i give that app 8.5 Highly Recommend.

Recharge your email address and telephone numbers and websites and blogs for the first one is going on with a new window will have the opportunity Works perfectly

I think it's very sufficient it makes everything a lot easier I enjoy this system thank you Pretty good

My phone tells that for update you have to download this app thats why i download it Amazing!

عالی خوبه از وقتی که گرفتم گوشیم کم تر لک داره wow lol

I gave it a 3 right in the middle because I'm just installing it on my I'll rate it in a few days with more stars or less Pretty good

A very good app for phone boost and releasing memory. It also contains junk clean, and a temperature cooler. Wao, such a nice app. Now it is well advanced. And, i'm using since last 6 months. and no defect in it. It is user friendly, and more efficient app. Please, download this app for your mobile as to maintain your mobile junk free, and boosting. Please, go for it. It is a best app i have ever used in my mobile for safer use. love it

d app is one of my give me a lasting time 2 boost my phone,clear unnecessary junks,calm d temperature of my phone & save my battery.tnx tobor. Pretty good

It is good ,,,,,, Superb!

I used this app.its very useful.thanks for launching it.please download this app keep u r mobiles speed,can't hang Well done!!

Its a good phone buster and all but my only problem is there are to many ads.. And the ads are the ones that useually make my phone glitch :\ Worth a go!

Superb. And as a costumer i request you to make the new versions of this app to make my phone more clean more fast 5 star

*fix the ads* Much better than cheetah mobile apps. Was a CM app man 4ever but since I've discovered this cleaner from (Turboc Dev) i deleted all cm apps. Hopefully you keep the apps coming! Marvelous

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