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In FAQ the page numbers are to small or to close together making it very difficult to load right page. Fantastic

Had the paid version, once the got rid of the audio books it was no longer worth it for me to keep the subscription. Not bad

I can keep up with the Raiders and that's real big bang and love the old Time radio Muito bom!

I like it because I can use my Bluetooth headset and listen to my local stations with out having to use wired headset Must have

I love the fact that I'm able to listen to the radio from my country, state and county, with out interruptions. Me encanta porque puedo escuchar las estaciones De radio de mi pais, ciudad, y barrio sin interrupciones. Pretty good

I love this app and the fact that I can listen to any of my favorite shows whenever I I feel like it!! Works perfectly

Great app. Low advertising, listen to most radio stations that I listen to from around the world Enjoy it!

I use it every morning on my morning BART commute. Easy to use interface. Probably one of the apps I use the most. Omg

Regularly freezes when trying to start a stream no way to solve other than force close. Car mode actually makes favourites a lot smaller and harder to select. Google home commands are much better for car use. Shame since it is the best radio platform love it

Great radio app with a great search tool and quality programs. Sometimes has delays for sports feeds but for the most part on point. Pretty good

Love this app! We work over the road and are able to Tune in to our local morning show, Bubba The love sponge, no matter where we are. The support team for this app is very active and have always helped resolve any issue very quickly. Thank you for such a fabulous easy to use app. Great job. Well done!!

If I'm a pro member why am I hearing adds and for the last week I have heard the same ads over and over I can relate them to you the same ads over and over if I'm a pro member I shouldn't be listening to ads I'd rather listen to elevator music instead of the ad you have or if this don't get fixed I will be canceling my subscription fee Must have

It could be freezing like the south pole or hot like the Sahara outside but this App makes my work day be more enjoyable, thanks Tune In..!! Fantastic

The best world radio app I ever came across all you need to do is search for a station and it's there. Surprisingly

Limited, but good. You can't see what is playing on a station until you actually tune in to station. Many podcasts don't load. Pretty good

I've had this app on every phone for years. Ever since the last 4 or 5 updates however, I've been unable to load any podcast that comes from WNYC and some from NPR. Snap Judgement, Radiolab, On the Media, and a couple others will not load whatsoever. Please fix this. Perfect!

It is great app but I have rated 3 stars because Where are the others channels like times now ,republic tv ...plzz being all Indian English news channels... Must have

When I first download this app, I loved it and than I didn't use it for like 2 years and they change completely making really hard to find stations but noe is back its roots with a little of upgrades and I think is my favorite broadcasting app so good for you time in radio Awesome

Audio streams pause most of the time no matter what I do. I tried increasing buffer time and tried different data speeds but they only worked temporarily. Please fix this. Perfect

Very good app for people wanting to listen to international radio stations via the internet, very easy to use would recommend Amazing!

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