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I am glad that I can always get connected to my Domi radio. Listening to d Word & gospel music via this app. Well done!!

Primarily use to listen to Purdue sports when I have to work. Just recently started listening to the music, as well. At this point I am enjoying my experience Omg

i downloaded tunein so that i wouldnt have to make a play list, its so easy and convient to just find a station im in the mood for, when u make playlist u tend to hear the same song over and over. thank you for making and providing a great music app! Marvelous

Warning: This app has a tendency to be unstable while streaming because the stream acquisition & locking is extremely vague! This is causing problems with the new Android operating system Oreo. The module comes so far out of sync that the main driver running both 4G & wi-fi modems crashes, cutting off all internet access to the device! It is a MAJOR hassle and therefore do not suggest this app be run on Oreo until the stream stability is improved. This may be an editors choice for features, but the basics necessary for the app to run are highly flawed. Just wow

Tunein is everything I hoped it would be and more! Fantastic way to hear programs (talk radio etc.) that are otherwise unavailable to me. Fantastic

Easy to find the station your looking for its great for linking up with websites all round good for not just FM .AM stations briliant for online as well Amazing!

Simple to use. Little ads. Nice alarm function to get up in the morning with your favorite station... Not bad

Pretty good for podcasts. But that's about all. Sleep timer is a nice feature though! Pretty good

Great variety to choose from, to be able to listen to any radio station anywhere in the world Awesome

Closes itself when trying to open. HTC One M8 Lollipop. Cleared data, cache, uninstalled, go Cool

Пользуюсь постоянно, только последние недели две перестало брать Эхо Москвы. А так - рекомендую. Omg

Been years since I used this app but I would like to think I was one of there first supporters .. awesome app.. must get.. Marvelous

Love the app and even via browser. For those battling to find what ports to open /close on their firewall if the stream is not working 8000-8004. That took some time to figure out. Keep up the good work! Works perfectly

This has always been my favorite FM radio app and I have been using it for years. Works efficiently about 95% of the time. Marvelous

Great app with great shows but still quite buggy. The app lags when locking and unlocking my phone, it even makes my phone lag when locking and unlocking. Sony Xperia Z1 android 8.0.0 Enjoy it!

Subscriber. Great way to listen to out of market radio/sports. The app itself is just okay. Navigation can be a little clunky, but it gets the job done. Dropped a star due to the recent removal of audiobooks. Amazing!

Good app...till what I've been listening to gets cutoff in the middle.. goes into another program...COAST TO COAST! Gets interrupted alot very annoying Perfect!

I love it! It has multiple genres. I'm also kind of biased because it airs me, DJ Whiz, on Street Groove Radio. Lol. Thank you "Tune In." Go well

Since the update with the new logo everything was fine. I have contacted your help department with a couple of replies, but with no help in getting my problem solved! I had all my favorites with a more favorites link click here on the bottom right. With the update it disappeared, so I can no longer see my other page of favorites. Other then that I would give you 5 Stars! ✌ Good

With Lenovo K6 note ; when connected to a Bluetooth speaker and playing tune in, if a phone call is received, the whole phone hangs. Doesn't happen with other radio streaming apps. Can you please check it out? I am a huge fan of tune in and I don't want to replace it Great!

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