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There seems to be an issue with the search function in TuneIn Radio. For example if I search for " the new screen savers". I get no search results but if I look up the search term twit I get a list of all the TWIT shows including the new screensavers. I think this might be the reason why TuneIn Radio doesn't work very well with Google Assistant. Also a big thing is that TuneIn Radio Pro version app doesn't work at all with Google Assistant. If I uninstall the ad supported TuneIn Radio on my pixel 2 XL phone then Google Assistant can't find TuneIn Radio it says it's not installed even though I have the pro version installed. Is there a way to use TuneIn Radio free version and upgrade to the pro version within the ad-supported version that might be a work around until you fix the problem. I use Tunein radio all the time with Google assistant. In my kitchen when I'm feeding my dog Ozzy. I really would like this to work. I sent you in a similar bug report to Google about this issue. Maybe you guys can get together and fix this issue. Fabulous!

It is a very good app because I can still listen to my favorite station while opening other apps Surprisingly

It use to be much better. Too much adverts, some stations isn't available anymore.... Omg

Love it! Live in southern Va and able to listen to my favorite stations in DC. Nice if you travel alot, you can keep up with hometown happenings. Update 2/2018... I see a lot of people are unhappy with update, etc. But it's still my favorite radio app because all I use it for is listening to different radio stations across the country. Marvelous

I really don't like the new interface. Who puts dark blue as a background!? I believe everyone likes the black background. Did you know that "blue color" or any hue of blue is bad for the eyes!? I'm disappointed. Must have

This is a note to all the users complaining. Pay attention to how subscription services work with these apps that want you to do a 7 day or 30 day trial. There's no excuse of 'life got in the way'. As soon as you install the app and have the trial, immediately head to your Google Play subscription list and cancel it. You still get the trial, but instead of automatically renewing your subscription, it just stops after 30 days. There's no excuse anymore, this is why these app customer service departments refuse to reimburse; because it's literally that simple to not get charged for your trial right after you install it. As for the app itself, I've noticed a lot of changes since I've last used it. not too happy about the recording option no longer being available apparently. Doesn't make it worth it for me to spend money or have on my device when the shows I listen to put out a podcast anyway. Not bad

Love the new layout. Easier to read and navigate. Also love not charging for college sports. Great app love it

This app has improved over the last year. I love all the radio stations that are available. Recommend

I'm in and out of meetings, but I don't miss my programs because of this app. It stores about 30 min when on hold to play later. Also when in and out of range, this app covers the gaps. Omg

Can you fix the errors on the stations on TuneIn radio and they don't want to work please fix on the firestick version thanks Highly Recommend.

I do love Trance Radio a lot & this app really make my dreams come true where here in Malaysia don't much choice of radio station yet they don't play such as Trance,PSY Hard Trance & ect...Very Good Apps keep it up Just wow

Recently I am not able to open tunein radio app which is having beta in bracket, please help me fix the issue . Thank you. Highly Recommend.

A musician's delight! But strictly you have to be a musician to understand why! Nevertheless to bring such vast diversity of tunes over the internet via the regional radios of every possible country in the world for free is simply awesome! wow lol

Well, the app was very useful, until they started playing ten minutes of ads before opening a channel. Seriously, try opening Bloomberg radio. Peppered with ads. Works great

Love it, but it crashes frequently. I'm a tech junkie, I've had flagship LG, Samsung, and Apple over the last year and am experiencing the same issues on all three. Love being able to pause and rewind live radio. Wish it would allow me to load more than an hour though. Also wish I could download off WIFI. Sometimes Im in a service area and want to save a podcast before going into a non service area but cant without wifi. Go well

Been using for years. I listen to CNN. My only complaint the same terrible geico ads repeatedly play. Brilliant

Most of my stations come in, but its OK if some don't cuz it always diverts me to a similar station of music that I love... Tune in Radio... You Rock!!! Enjoy it!

Used to work really well. Now the ads show, but not the stream. Both CNN and MSNBC show stream error. What's up? Must have

Works great especially when traveling or working in areas with limited stations and/or choices. Also when out of the home area you can listen to local news and sporting games. The best part is you can listen to a preferred radio station instead of just what comes in . Not bad

Works for me! Give it about one minute to capture news on the hour. Struggles with favourites programs, insists on continuing previous session. Perfect

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