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I use TuneIn Radio since 2013, and in my last review I was complaining about the app's design, which was very bad comparing to the previous editions. However now it's great, both the app and the website are amazing, so thank you very much TuneIn team and keep the great work! Must have

This is my hands-down favorite app for listening to streaming radio and most podcasts. (A small number of podcasts I'm interested in aren't on here, but most are.) The app is reliable, the interface is user friendly, and I've found even the ads to be unobtrusive. I love that I can use this to pause + rewind live radio streams. The 30 sec jump back/forward buttons are such a tremendous help. (It might be nice to add a set of 10 sec fwd/back buttons too, actually.) I'm happy to rate this terrific app 5 stars. 5 star

Ever since the more recent update this app has been using a ton of battery power. I keep having to force stop this app the majority of time. I have Samsung Galaxy Note 8, please look into it. I want to raise the stars and I will once you look into why it's drawing more power than it used to. Brilliant

Great. Ditched my work radio and just use my phone. Marvelous

The fact that you can wake up to your favorite station, podcast, etc. Also less ads/commercials than other similar apps. Definitely keeping this one for a while. Just wow

Love everything about it. Moved away from my hometown years ago but I can still listen to my favorite stations. Perfect!

Has some nice features. Great collection of online "stations" and good podcast database. Would give it 4 stars if it could be moved to the SD card. This app with my data uses 620 mb of my phone's internal memory. There is also no option to choose a location to store any of your content including downloaded podcasts. Fantastic

Easy to use. Local stations or stations by category are easy to find. Ads on a station not bad but too many ads when you switch stations which makes finding a new station difficult. Highly Recommend.

I like the TuneIn app. My only biggest issue with the app is badly targeted advertisements. For example, getting gun store and shooting range ads when listening to a station geared towards children, or ads for one political party when listening to a channel oriented towards the other political party. Flawless

Right on time for me because I can not get good FM signal inside my home, now I can listen to my favorite station through my phone Well done!!

The station choice is good. The earlier version used to turn on in my pocket. I haven't seen the issue on the latest version. Works perfectly

Really good app. I can find many more radio stations and podcasts than other similar apps.5⭐,2 Just wow

The app is fine, but it would be better if the screen turned off when the alarm sounds, because it drains the battery and heat the phone. Fix it and I'll give 5 stars for sure. Awesome

Best in the market! You can easily find channels in every topic you want. Also great for learning languages through radio classes or podcasts. Helped me a lot to improve my French. Recommend

Great app, until I found out it was taking 698MB on my device. I was only using it for 2 radio stations so... uninstalling Highly Recommend.

Fantastic app as it combines podcasts, live radio stations, and (with paid service) live sports, news, and specialty stations. Pretty good

Love the fact that my hard to get radio stations almost anywhere with clear audiio sound Superb!

Awesome station I am so elated that Tom Joyner and Sybil are back on the radio!!! Works great

Η επιλογή μου τόσα χρόνια. Δε αλλάζεις κάτι που δουλεύει. Απλά πράγματα. Must have

I would rate Tunein a lot higher if the interface wasn't so busy. Declutter the screens and this will be a 5 star app!!!! Awesome

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