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I love this app, especially now that they have all my favorite sources for tv news available for listening. The commercials are annoyingly loud and terribly repetitive, though. Works perfectly

In the Antelope Valley we are separated from the LA stations by the San Gabriel mountains and have trouble receiving most of them. Unless you are in a late model car or have a high end receiver at home, you receive poor to no reception. This also goes for a local low power FM station I like. With Tune In Radio, we get all the stations I listen to (except for KLOS which is "local area blocked" to us - bummer! ARE YOU LISTENING KLOS? Your reception is marginal at best here! FIX IT!) Brilliant

Best free to air radio app I know. Pity some radio stations have disappeared, hope it's a play right issue as opposed to a technical issue. Great job

My ear is sick due to age 68 this year; but my Bluetooth could make me better to listen, especially for English. Works perfectly

I bought the premium accounts for the audio book. I think they should refund the amount or at least inform the costumers before. Pretty sure I'm not the only one in this position. It is a cool app, but the consumer service is awful. Go well

Was great on my Captivate. On my S3, it will suddenly stop playing, but it's inconsistent. I can listed for a long time with no problem, and then another time it will just go silent and sit there saying "Opening...0%" but won't be advancing. I have to close and reopen. Otherwise, it works like it's predecessor, and I have it on constantly. HINT about the VIBRATING: Turn off the Auto Haptic in the phone's settings. It's a feature on the S3 for games and some music, but with talk radio, it's just weird. But Recommend

I like the choice of stations. The way they're organized. The new design. But the app crashes waayy too much! On its own. When I'm using other Apps etc. Not bad

As tour guide, I am constantly on the road. Now I can listen to my favourite station anywhere! Pretty good

Works well. Can get any radio content i want or local radio stations or podcasts around the world. Well worth the download. Worth it!

Overall a good app, but two things really annoy me about it. Firstly, the audio will sometimes start looping. The only way to resolve this is to stop and restart the stream, so you miss out on whatever was playing during the loop, plus buffering time. Secondly, when using the app while the screen is locked, it will disappear from the notification area upon hitting the pause button. The entire point of pausing is to then resume listening at some point, and to do this you must re-enter the app. To me, this seems clunky and poorly thought out. Fabulous!

I no longer have a radio in my house, but use this app to listen to my favorite station which is usually available on TuneIn. Just wow

I listen to Catholic radio everyday with the app. Learn so much about my faith! Thanks for being here TuneIn Radio Omg

I like it but the volume of the ads is too high. I like to listen to CNN while falling asleep but can't do that anymore because of the volume. Will have to look for a different app. Awesome

I love this app, as I travel a lot for work and use the app to listen to local radio stations to get a better feel for the area I'm currently in. Must have

I think it has the best radio and music in the world thanks to who ever made this app good job Great job

I used to love this app but I can no longer cast to my Google home... It just errors out Superb!

Absolutely love this app, the ease of searching radio stations along with very smooth navigation. My favourite feature is that in the evening I can set sleeper timer, so the app automatically switches off based on how many minutes I choose. Awesome

Perfect app to listen radio from your own country when you live abroad! I am using TuneIn for almost 6 years now and I love it! Fabulous!

Long time user and simply the best. Easy to use, no hassles, keeps me current and engaged a d learning with unique feeds. Cool

This app offers the widest selection of entertainment that no other streaming services come close. I can't live without it. wow lol

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