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Love the song and instrumental selections. None of that new garbage like rap. I will listen everyday to this radio station!

I can get daily Wall Street radio updates and other business channels easily in one place on all my devices. Easy to access.

Because of this app I can now listen to my favorite radio station in my house. Love it every day.

A very good radio application which gets all the local stations unlike some of theb other poorer apps. I would rate this 10?10

Lets you get all genres of music, can listen to radio stations from all over the world. Incredible, love this app

It is a great app-so many stations to choose from and so many talk shows. I use it every night to listen to a station that I can't get in from my home.

I love listening to radio. With TuneIn you can enjoy programs from all over the world, music, talk, stories. I love listening to the Old Time Radio shows, mysteries, comedy, drama, etc. Not to worry if you miss one, they have 24/7 podcasts for most.

This app is extremely useful and does the job perfectly. I can listen to any radio from wherever I am and whenever I want, be it local or not. And all of this for free. What do you want more ?

#get-news Most used app for me! I use the alarm every day, and also fall asleep with the timer function... Plus its the only free radio app where i found both big and small radio stations from all over the world... Only good points... i love it

#get-to-sleep Great, but....! Really needs a way to change the order of your favourite stations. I'd give it five stars then.

My favorite new app!! Popular stations not available here in Bay Area.Otherwise, Good reception and limitless number of stations! Still prefer sirius and pandora over this one.. Recommend to download TuneIn Radio APK.

radio stops when screen off! Please fix the screen off radio would stop bug for jeally bean 4.2. I love this app on ios but the Android version clearly has not received equal amount of attention. Update: the updated version of app seems to run smoothly on nexus 4 even when the screen is off, no jittering issue anymore. I am very glad and this is now my go to app for radio. Highly recommended.. Recommend to install TuneIn Radio APK.

Should be Five Stars! If it had the same experience as the iOS version, it would be five stars. Can we please get a pause button added just like the iPhone users? I hate having to hit STOP on a podcast or station, and then reload. PLEASE ADD A PAUSE BUTTON.. Recommend to download TuneIn Radio APK.

Defaults to low-quality streams! The app is great, it has lots of stations built in and it makes it very easy to browse new stations. It drops less often than others that I've tried. However the UI is very confusing, in particular the back key hardly ever works as I'd expect, I'm not sure what the difference between Options and Settings is, and the tabs are very unrelated. And it always seem to choose a very low quality stream even though there's a 100% reliable high-quality stream and I'm in Wi-Fi. It makes the experience much less smooth

#falling-asleep It gave me a link for the Melbourne Cup!! Tunein just gave me a link in the notification bar for the Melbourne Cup (I'm in Australia). Opening it up brought up the app, connecting to the ABC's live coverage. How awesome is that. I wouldn't want to see this happening on a frequent basis, but for the race that stops a nation: well played sirs, well played. The app is great, even without such thoughtful touches.

#get-to-sleep SG3! Love this app but I would love it if you could have favorite podcasts for some reason it's not letting me store podcasts in my favorites.

Great app but REBOOTS my phone very often! I love apps that can let me listen to music or talkshows on the go. TuneIn is brilliant in that aspect. But what I don't like is the fact that I've used this app only 4 times now and two of those times it has rebooted my phone when I tried to search for a radio station whilst listening to another. Please fix this in what is otherwise an awesome app!

second to none! by far the most worth while app ever. tyred of all the gimicky apps on the store, nice to find one with some class.

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