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Works great Really like this app, it's simple and user friendly. There are many ways to customize this app but I didn't get a chance to look at all of those yet.

Battery killer For some reason this program drains my battery very quickly or I would rate this higher

Excellent App. The amount of listening choice offered by this App is superb, catering for every possible taste in music. I agree with others that it has a few bugs but nothing that I can't handle, and the good points far outweigh the bad ones.

Over engineered Beginning to dislike this app, it used to be intuitive, nows it an over engineered mess.

I listen to espn Chicago Being in cali. The station skips... C'mon man. It'll be in mid sentence and fast forward to a commercial or later in the conversation. Happens every day at least once and I pause a lot so it's not due to buffering or lost signal

Long Overdue for Chromecast Support I really want to love this app/service, but they should have supported Chromecast from day 1. I realize the streams come in a few different formats, but a skilled team that understands trans-coding should have banged that out long ago. Nothing wrong with Tune-In, otherwise, for those times you can only listen on your phone, or laptop, and think that's OK.

It's alright I listen to music all over, even France. Top stations in other states is pretty cool. I think it's worth it...

Great radio app The new live feature is ground breaking stuff. It moves radio forward onto a new level.

Not such a good update... I like the new design and all, but the layout is awful. It now takes several taps just to get to my Favorites. My Favorites should be front and center. Other than that, I could get used to the new look, I just wish it was a little simpler.

I luv dis radio! Awesome! Galaxy S 5 v4.4.2 AT&T: I'm about to try this latest version of TuneIn. Want to see if it will work this new KitKat update.

Please disable the rock music! I changed my rating from five stars to three when you introduced that rock music that plays (loud) EVERYTIME there is a pause on the network feed! It is just as horrible as those annoying and ubiquitous Geico commercials! (Thank God Capital 1 is in the "big leagues" now "getting their turn at bat..." they stopped finally. Please! Please! TURN it OFF. Sometimes that musical filler plays back to back!!!! Please...disable it. I work in a quiet office environment. I am sure the intent was a good one.

A step backwards I still like the app. It was a bit confusing at first but I got used to it. However I don't need any social integration. It does seem to hang up more than it used to however. My biggest complaint is I can no longer choose the stream I wish to listen to for that particular channel . When I attempt to do so it is blank.

Great but crashed Works 99% of time very well and with a blue tooth speaker - great. Finally crashed after regular use in first 3 weeks on a top range S5 but after reinstall and logging back in with Google account, successfully retrieved favourites.

The best radio app I've ever had. This app is incredible. I just love being able to listen to local radio stations as well as national radio stations and all the podcasts (especially gaming podcasts). This deserves 50 stars. Truly great. I've experienced no problems so far. Get this for yourself.

router reset I have been a fan of this app for some time but since the last update I have found that it stops to re buffer frequently and also seems to cause my wireless router to reset

Good but The old version was a lot better, the UI was easier to understand and the new one keeps stopping streaming after 10-20 seconds with a message 'waiting to verify' or something similar. Changing the buffering doesn't have any effect. Shame, don't fix something that's not broke in my book. Reinstalled and it works fine now.

what did nyou do????? I cant find my saved station the interface is not user friendly. I dont want another social network I want music period.

Good but not great This is a good app but the older version was much better as I used to be able to listen to CNN USA radio but since this new version was issued, I'm no longer able to listen to it and I'm very disappointed. Please bring back the CNN USA radio back so I can up rate you and keep up with the good work. Many thanks.

Hello, chromecast support? Even amateur developers have figured out how to send an mp3 stream URL to a Chromecast. Maybe you you task a programmer with an hour or two of time and get it done. Your app will end up having a little blue thingy at the top. My lord

Good but not perfect Popular stations not available here in Bay Area.Otherwise, Good reception and limitless number of stations! Still prefer sirius and pandora over this one.

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